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This Woman Cut Off Two Feet Of Hair In One Sitting

The result? #HairGoals.

Meet Alyssa. She's had super-long hair her entire life...until the day she decided to cut it all off.

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Understandably, Alyssa and her girlfriend Sam were a little nervous about going from long hair to a pixie cut.

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"Now you're gonna be an even bigger chick magnet."

But she'd been wanting to take the plunge for a while and decided it was time. 💇

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To gives things a dramatic start, celebrity hair stylist David Dang put her long locks in a ponytail and promptly chopped it off.

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Next, he gave her hair a little shape and gorgeous caramel color, followed by an amazing style.

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And the result is stunning.

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The big reveal left Alyssa a little speechless at first...

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But ultimately, she says, it's exactly what she wanted.

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"It's the best feeling having no hair touching the back of my neck."

See the whole transformation here:

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