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    These Beautiful Plus-Size Women Shut Down Every Hater In The Best Way

    Slay forever.

    Society has shaped the way we look at the ideal body, but in reality, we all look different and should embrace it. These women reminded us to love our bodies no matter what.

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    When someone says plus-size girls can't wear tight dresses...


    Or how plus-size girls shouldn't wear two-piece swimsuits because "it doesn't look right."

    Let's just laugh all those haters because the slayage is real.

    And whoever said this can literally eat dirt:

    'Cause didn’t they tell you, the brighter the better?

    Or when someone says some fuckery like "Plus-size women can’t get pregnant"…

    ...we won't even discuss the stupidity.

    Or when people say plus-size woman can't play sports, but you can dribble a ball better than they can?

    How about when someone says "Plus-size girls can’t wear shorts”? Just give them LEGS for days to remind them who’s boss.

    And if someone tells you “You can’t wear crop tops because you aren’t skinny enough,” show them that you have a whole lot of woman to show off and flaunt it, because you are beautiful.

    And being sexy AF doesn't come in one size.

    Last, but CERTAINLY not least, be confident in the skin you're in.

    So shoutout to all the haters.

    And continue to be your authentic self cause you are fabulous. 💅🏽