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    Here Are 20 Of The Best B-Sides In K-Pop Released This Year

    We're going deeper than title tracks here!

    1. "Light" by ATEEZ

    KQ Entertainment

    What a fun, chill song! It's just easy listening. "Go crazy, go stupid" is nice, but sometimes just let their voices soothe your heart.

    2. "Call it Love" by Chung Ha

    MNH Entertainment

    It's 100% true that "Snapping" changed our lives, but you'd be doing yourself dirty if you hadn't heard "Call it Love" from the same album Flourishing. This song puts Chung Ha's amazing vocals on full display. The music and melody itself feels mystical and serene — it's just a beautiful song.

    3. "English Girl" by ONEUS


    Okay yes, this may be my guilty pleasure, but come on, it's so catchy and cute! Just imagine ONEUS touring in an English-speaking country and singing this! I would combust.

    4. "Put It Straight" by (G)I-DLE

    Cube Entertainment

    Cube is lucky they have some TALENTED kids, and this song is a perfect example of it. If I had to give this song a genre it would be James Bond Opening Sequence Music", and it's the reason I adore this track.

    5. "Alright!" by VERIVERY

    Jellyfish Entertainment

    Honestly, this group came out of nowhere and I love them '~veri very~ much. I couldn't decide between this or "Flower", so that one should be on your future listening list too. This whole album, Veri-Us, is very solid and it's always fun to listen to something a little funky.

    6. "Hith Hiding" by Heize

    Stone Music

    Heize is a beautiful woman. I love her. Please be aware of this entire woman's discography. Her soft vocals and the cool beat behind "Hith Hiding" just works so well. She raps so well too!

    7. "Moonwalk" by ASTRO


    This song is so tightly made, you might (if you hadn't heard the titular "All Night") think that this was the title track. It's really amazing... and really THIRSTY.

    8. "Show" by CLC

    Cube Entertainment

    Wow, crazy how Cube can make two title tracks in one album! Oh wait, it's a b-side? Then why is it so amazing and well-produced? Good on CLC for not holding it out for the next album and just going all in with "SHOW!"

    9. "Shhh" by Seventeen

    Pledis Entertainment

    I'll be honest — I physically flipped a coin on this song and "Getting Closer" for which to write about because they are just both that good. This song specifically though is just. Wow. The Performance Unit did that. It's sexy and fun to listen to.

    10. "Don't Know What To Do" by Blackpink

    YG Entertainment

    I love this entire album. While the wait was incredibly long, it was so worth it. Especially the synth break in "Don't Know What To Do". Imagine, just for a moment, that this song plays during a party — it would take the evening to a whole new level.

    11. "Wonder" by Eric Nam


    It's sad hours whenever "Wonder" comes on. This song makes me want to cry for a relationship I don't even have honestly. A very good showcase of how beautiful his voice truly is and such good songwriting too!

    12. "Trick It" by Twice

    JYP Entertainment

    I own this album and I've heard this song 210 times. It still goes STRONG on even the 210th listen. Yes, you could make an argument for "Love Foolish" being the better b-side, but I'm sticking to my guns. This song is fast, sassy, and catchy. A very deadly combination!

    13. "Trouble" by EXO

    SM Entertainment

    Reggae EXO is the superior EXO. That's all.

    14. "Fancy" by Favorite

    Astory Entertainment

    Though they debuted in 2017, like most people, I didn't hear of FAVORITE until this year when they came out with "Loca." But little did I know that this song would become one of my favorites of the year. It's an absolute banger. So classy and feel good!

    15. "Best Part" by Day6

    JYP Entertainment

    "Best Part" deserves to be played over a montage of a Disney character growing up and becoming a better person. Or one of those feel-good commercials at least. I will use this one day for a vacation vlog. The hook! That drum line! Wow wow wow.

    16. "Lost Paradise" by Pentagon

    Cube Entertainment

    Again, talented! This album's title track "Sha La La" is already so underrated, so this song flew even further under the radar and it's time to change it! This song is a hidden gem. Something about Hui's high falsettos pairs perfectly with Wooseok's incredibly low, smooth voice.

    17. "Borderline" by EXO-SC

    SM Entertainment

    "Borderline." A bold statement. This song encompasses what EXO-SC does best — chill, hip-hop tunes performed with charisma and beautiful voices.

    18. "Artistic Groove" by Taemin

    SM Entertainment

    This song is just so Taemin. It's sexy, and man, when he sings artistic groove, I instantly get shivers.

    19. "Want It?" by ITZY

    JYP Entertainment

    While this song isn't a hidden gem, it'z so good. These girls had a lot to face being the younger sisters of TWICE, but are carving out their own sound and identity entirely. Serious kudos to them!

    20. "Party Time" by Monsta X

    Starship Entertainment

    Finally, to round out the list, some good old fashion fun to end on! I'm seeing a montage of young 20 somethings hanging out and chilling on a Saturday night. No direction, no plans, no thoughts of tomorrow — just escalations. "Party Time" is the anthem for just living life and hanging out with your best friends. A perfect tune.