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Women Get Makeup Transformations Through Crazy Contouring

“Turn me into Kim Kardashian!”

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Contouring is everywhere you look, but how do you even do it? Makeup artist Bella DeLune, known for inventing the clown contour, gave three women at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures some makeovers.

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Some of the ladies saw makeup as such a foreign concept altogether...

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Karen: "I’ve always had trouble with acne and never really used makeup in my life. Maybe dabbled with mascara and eyeliner a few times, but even then, I didn't really know what I was doing. I'm kind of intimidated by makeup stores and department-store people, which is why I never really got into it, and my mom and grandma never really did a whole lot of that either."

...while others loved beauty products but didn't really have the finesse.

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Candace: "Makeup is awesome, and a really great way to show off certain aspects of your personality. For me, I can get lost in a Sephora for hours, but then realize I have no idea what I just bought and how to use anything but liquid eyeliner. So the struggle is real."

Daysha was ready to see the more glam side of makeup and contouring.

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Daysha: "I don't wear any makeup, just sometimes I experiment with basics — mascara, eyeliner, etc. I'm intimidated by makeup. My biggest concern is that I have oily skin, so makeup could wipe off or look too oily."

Daysha wanted something more along the lines of Beyoncé or Kim Kardashian, aka a true badass like herself.

Bella highlighted Daysha's cheeks from light to dark to create shadows and make for easy blending. She then gave her a dewy look with a bronze eye and simple lip.

Candace aimed for a more unique look that was out of her common comfort zone, like Demi Lovato.

The reds around Candace's eyes and lips acted as color correctors, while the pinks were blush. She then added highlights in all the right places, and the darker areas helped contour the face. She was then given a dark lip, a cat eye, and bold false lashes to complete the look.

Karen was ready to be like Ruby Rose and run the world.

She was given more highlights under her eyes, eyebrows, and around her forehead after being color-matched. Next, to match her amazing hairstyle, she was given a sleek bright lip and smokier eye.

To learn more about Bella DeLune, check out her YouTube channel here or check out her makeup seminar Saturday, Sept. 5!