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First Time At Lush? Here's What You Should Grab!

Walking into the bath and body store may be overwhelming at first, but not to worry. With this guide you will walk in knowing what you want and not have to go insane with making a decision. Here are five Lush products you should try, even if it's your 500th time there!

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1. Mask of Magnaminty

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The Mask of Magnaminty comes in a self-preserving formula and one that you can pop in the fridge that doesn't last as long. The self-preserving option contains more honey so it can sit on your counter for a week or two and not perish. The all natural mask is made from chlorophyllin, which Lush extracts from alfalfa grass. This chlorophyll soothes your skin while balancing the PH levels. The texture within the mask comes from the added primrose seeds and ground aduki beans. These help to exfoliate and remove dead skin, and since they come from the earth they can go back into the earth meaning no waste is created from your routine. This mask is great for all skin types, so give it a go!

2. Big Shampoo


The above picture may look like some weird rice dessert, but it's actually a volumizing shampoo for your hair! The sea salt (which are the lumps you see in the white mass above) remove oils from your hair and take the grease away. While you are lathering the coarse salt helps to exfoliate your scalp, helping remove dead skin. Seaweed and coconut oil are added to nourish your hair and scalp so they don't leave this routine completely dried out. If you have dandruff or thin hair this shampoo is a must!

3. Sex Bomb / Via

This is my number one bath bomb in the store. This bath bomb is very potent and if you are not a floral person you may not be a fan. It has the scents of jasmine and ylang ylang, which are very heavy. Both of these essential oils are known to increase relaxation. Jasmine is used for its antidepressant properties and ylang ylang is included for its use to heighten sexual desire, hence the name Sex Bomb. Clary sage oil is also included, this strong herbal scent also adds to the bombs pungent aroma while also helping you to relax while bathing.

4. Scrubee

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Do you love the smell of honey? Do you love having buttery soft skin? If you said yes to both of these then Scrubee is the Lush item for you! With its body being made of organic cocoa butter this little bee nourishes your body as its black stripes made of exfoliating coconut shells take away dead skin. It leaves your skin feeling soft and smelling as if Winnie the Pooh gave you a honey-filled hug.

5. Dark Angels Face and Body Cleanser

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If you have oily skin, or even an oily T-zone, then Dark Angels is something that has to be in your medicine cabinet. It's a black sugar cleanser that sucks oil away, thanks to added charcoal. Sugar crystals exfoliate as your rub the cleanser over your skin, leaving it soft and clean. This cleanser also helps with irritation on sensitive skin, so it's great for all skin types!

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