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Vogue Mexico And Latin America Have Included Indigenous Women On It's New Covers

Truly inspirational.

Yesterday, Vogue Mexico and Latin America revealed six different covers to mark its 20th anniversary.

The covers feature powerful women from across Latin America who are making a big impact on the world. Like renowned Mexican architect Frida Escobedo.

They also include prominent women from indigenous groups. Like María Lorena Ramírez a runner, and member of the Rarámuri tribe in the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. She runs ultramarathons in sandals and has competed in races all over the world.

The Cholitas Escaladoras a group of indigenous women who climb mountains in Bolivia and are renowned for their toughness are also on one of the covers.

Another covered featured Zapotec chef Abigail Mendoza Ruiz, who is known as a foremost expert on Zapotec cooking.

People were loving these covers and praised the women they highlighted.

Whoever makes these decisions at Vogue Mexico: You’re doing amazing sweetie ✨ in love with this <3

Wow real Mexican women in Mexico vogue. Ugh amazing

• Truly Beautiful Cover of Vogue Mexico •

Just last month the same addition featured four Afro-Dominican women on its September cover that was received with acclaim and pride.

Karla Martinez de Salas the editor-in-chief of Vogue Mexico and Latin America left a comment on her personal Instagram account that puts these covers into perspective:

They are women who aren’t models or have millions of Instagram followers, but that in their own way are changing stereotypes in MEXICO and inspiring other women to pursue their dreams. Several times while putting our issue together I’ve had tears, some of frustration but also tears of happiness, to represent so many women whose voices have been unheard but really should be.

Bravo indeed.

Bravo @VogueMexico 👏🏻🇲🇽🙌🏻

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