This Lingerie Model Was Born Without Legs And Uses A Skateboard To Get Around

    "No legs, no limits!"

    This is 23-year-old Kanya Sesser from Los Angeles. She's a model, surfer, skater, actor, athlete, and motivational speaker, among many other things.

    Taking on all these roles in incredible, but what's even more amazing is that Sesser has done all this without legs. While she was born without her lower extremities, she has never let it limit her.

    Sesser's story starts in Thailand. She lived there in an orphanage until the age of five, when she was adopted and moved to Portland, Oregon.

    Even at a young age her disability never held her back, and she always strived to do as much as she could.

    Overtime, she's competed in a variety of sports including surfing, wheelchair rugby, and racing.

    Sessers has a wheelchair, but prefers to get around on a skateboard, and is damn good at it.

    Currently, her main gig is modeling, which she's been doing since she was 15. What started out as athletic shoots has now progressed into bikini and lingerie modeling.

    "[Lingerie modeling] something fun and it shows my story — I'm different and that is sexy," she told the New York Daily News. "I don't need legs to feel sexy."

    While she does like getting dolled up, Sesser said she prefers a natural look.

    On top of modeling and everything else she already does, Sesser is also training to compete in the 2018 Winter Paralympics and plans to publish a book on her life story next year.

    In a Caters TV video she says her life motto is, "No legs, no limits!", and she's certainly living proof of that.

    For more on Sesser's story watch this profile from Caters TV here:

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    BuzzFeed News has reached out to Sesser for comment.