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This Is What Happened When People Were Rated On Their Success By Loved Ones

You're more successful than you realize.

A Plus just released a video of people rating their own success, and then their loved ones give them a success rating as well.

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It starts with people rating their own success on a scale of 1 to 10, with most of the participants giving low self-ratings.

Others had some harsh words for themselves.

But then their loved ones were quick to say kind things about them.

They were then asked to rate the success of the people they cared about on the same scale.

They then wrote down how successful they thought the people they cared about really were.

A Plus producer Jordan Zaslow told BuzzFeed the intention of the video.

We have a tendency to feel like we're not as good or smart or successful as we'd like to be.

But if we tuned out our own self-doubt and saw ourselves through someone else's opinion of us, we might find that we're doing better than we thought we were.

It ends on this note.

Sometimes you just need other people to remind you of that.