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    A Guy Got Tired Of His Stretched Earlobes, And Decided To Fix Them With Surgery

    Not for the faint of heart.

    Ever wonder what's it's like to have your earlobes repaired after years of wearing gauges? Well, Canadian outlet CBC News just uploaded this video of a man getting the corrective surgery.

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    Kurt Barnett loved the look of stretched earlobes when he was a teen, and when he was 19 he decided to get plugs in his ears.

    He says he loved them for a while, but as he got older and got a job doing spray-foam installation he realized the plugs interfered with the gas mask he has to wear for safety.

    To solve this problem, he went to Dr. Julie Khanna in Oakville, Ontario. Khanna specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery, and is familiar with the corrective procedure.

    Khanna begins the surgery by cutting off Barnett's stretched earlobe.

    Dr. Khanna then lines up his newly reconstructed earlobe together.

    Then stitches it up so that it's symmetrical.

    Afterward, she shows Barnett the pieces of his ears she removed.

    After the surgery, Barnett said he was satisfied. "It feels good, I don't have to look at these big holes in my ears anymore."

    Ears to you, Kurt!