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This Dad Is Overcome With Emotion When His Son Surprises Him With A Home

Best gift ever.

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What viewers likely suspected was an elaborate joke turned into a very emotional moment as a son surprised his father by buying him a house.

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Popular YouTube channel TheAngryGrandpaShow features "grandpa" Charles Green getting pranked by his son Michael and reacting hilariously.

At the beginning of the video, Michael explains that he's been house hunting with his dad, with his father assuming they were looking for a home for Michael and his girlfriend.

In reality, Michael's been searching for a house for his father.

When they first enter the house Michael bought, his dad remarks on how nice it is.

He even jokes about having his own room in the house.

After the tour, Michael admits that the house isn't for him and his girlfriend, but for his father.

At first his dad doesn't want to accept the gift.

But he eventually becomes overwhelmed with emotion and expresses how much he loves his son.

He even took to Twitter to show his gratitude.

My son bought me a house. I have no words for how much I love him. I love you son.

Best ~prank~ ever.

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