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This Cop Ended Up Delivering A Baby During A Routine Traffic Stop

"When she said, 'It's coming,' it was coming."

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A routine traffic stop in Alabama on Sunday turned into an emergency delivery with a state trooper assisting a couple in giving birth.

Danny Lowe of Huntsville, Alabama, was rushing his wife, Shawna, to the hospital after she went into labor and caught the attention of State Trooper Michael Kesler.

When they were two miles from the hospital, Kesler pulled them over. Danny told local NBC affiliate WAFF that speeding was something he had to do given the situation. "It was a risk I was willing to take — I was driving safely," he said. "I was just going a little bit above the speed limit."

But when Kesler pulled them over, he saw Shawna was about to give birth. "When she said, 'It's coming,' it was coming," he told WAFF.

Kesler helped deliver the baby and called an ambulance while working to keep Shawna warm. He also relayed information to their family doctor and paramedics.

The family was then taken to Athens-Limestone Hospital, and Kesler went to a nearby store to get flowers and treats for the parents.

And at the end of the ordeal, a 6-pound, 19.5-inch Barrett Lowe was declared a healthy newborn.

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Shawna added that it was certainly an experience to remember. "I've said probably a hundred times that I had a baby in a car. I can't get over that. It still blows my mind that it happened, and we all survived."

In the end, the Lowes were grateful that Kesler pulled them over. "’Cause if he didn't pull us over, she would have delivered that baby two blocks over in a moving car while I'm driving and do it all herself," Danny said.

Curtis Summerville, a spokesman for the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, told BuzzFeed that Kesler's action also likely led to a lifelong friendship.

I think it would be safe to say that a lifelong friendship has been formed between the two parties. The family is very appreciative that Tpr. Kesler pulled them over because had he not done so they would not have made it to the hospital in time for the delivery.

Kesler's actions exemplify the mission of the Alabama State Troopers.

For more, watch the video from NBC News here:

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