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This Cute Pup Has Only Half His Body, But He'll Win Over Your Whole Heart

So much to see and feel here.

This sweet little bundle of cuteness is Bonsai. He's a rescue English bulldog from Arkansas and was born on April 17.

As adorable as he is, Bonsai was born with a combination of rare genetic disorders that severely affected his chances at a quality life.

He was born with caudal regression syndrome, sacrocaudal dysgenesis, and what's believed to be spina bifida. According to his Facebook page, he was basically born with half a spine, no functional pelvis, and tiny contracted hind legs.

Not sure of how to care for Bonsai, his owners contacted Friends of Emma, a rescue organization dedicated to helping dogs with special needs in Fort Worth.

Doctors for the rescue determined that Bonsai's biggest issue was his hind legs, so both were amputated in late June. The pup is reportedly recovering just fine.

Luckily, he has another amputee friend named Ransom, who he's bonded with at his new home.

He has even been named the mascot of the International Sacral Agenesis/ Caudal Regression Association. The condition usually affects only humans, and Bonsai is the only known animal case according to his caretakers.

But Bonsai still has a long way to go, and a PetCaring fundraising account has been set up to help cover his medical expenses.

Plenty of people are rooting for little Bonsai.

He even has an official slogan: "Half the bulldog, twice the love."

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