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    These 18 Traditional Dishes Prove That Colombia Has The Best Food

    ¡Qué chimba!

    1. Arepas

    What is it: Flatten maize grilled over heat that you can be filled or combined with almost anything.

    Taste: Colombia, this tastes like Colombia. Although many other countries make arepas as well.

    Conclusion: Heavenly and versatile.

    Get a recipe here.

    2. Bandeja Paisa

    What is it: The quintessential Colombian dish with origins in the state of Antioquia. It's a platter with a combination of red beans, a fried egg, avocado, fried plantains, chicharron, rice, ground beef, and pork sausage. Food combinations vary greatly, but this is what typically comes in the platter.

    Taste: A culinary rainbow of Colombia.

    Conclusion: Skip the diet and just eat it.

    Get a recipe here.

    3. Ajiaco

    What is it: A thick and hearty chicken and potato soup.

    Taste: Magnificent.

    Conclusion: It's literally bursting with a ton of amazing flavors.

    Get a recipe here.

    4. Aborrajados

    What is it: Fried plantains stuffed with cheese.

    Taste: Truly heavenly.

    Conclusion: Plantains and cheese — what's not to love?

    Get a recipe here.

    5. Sancocho Trifásico

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    What is it: A delicious three meat soup with with variety of ingredients.

    Taste: Deeply rich and meaty.

    Conclusion: It's delightful, absolutely delightful.

    Get a recipe here.

    6. Obleas

    What is it: A thin waffle-like wafer with arequipe in the middle. Essentially an amazing dessert sandwich.

    Taste: Delectably sweet and crunchy .

    Conclusion: Get in my belly!

    Get a recipe here.

    7. Changua

    What is it: A hearty breakfast soup with eggs and milk.

    Taste: The best way to start your day.

    Conclusion: This makes the most important meal of the day all the more special.

    Get a recipe here.

    8. Pandebono

    What is it: Yuca cheese bread.

    Taste: So good you might end up eating 20 before you know it.

    Conclusion: You can't have just one.

    Get a recipe here.

    9. Caldo de Costilla

    What is it: A soup featuring beef ribs, herbs, and spices.

    Taste: So nice and so right.

    Conclusion: Get out and go get some!

    Get a recipe here.

    10. Cazuela de Mariscos

    What is it: A rich and flavorful seafood stew.

    Taste: One of the best seafood dishes you've ever had.

    Conclusion: Add it to your "to eat" list.

    Get a recipe here.

    11. Tajadas de Plátano

    What is it: Fried, ripe plantain chips. These also exist in many culinary cultures.

    Taste: Like home.

    Conclusion: These go with everything, eat them whenever you can.

    Get a recipe here.

    12. Chocolate con Queso

    What is it: Traditional hot chocolate with mozzarella cheese in the cup.

    Taste: An excellent blend of the sweetness of chocolate, with the soft saltniess of cheese.

    Conclusion: Great for the cold weather, or any weather really.

    Get a recipe here.

    13. Sancocho de Gallina

    What is it: A chicken soup that's traditionally made with hens.

    Taste: Hearty and robust.

    Conclusion: If you like chicken soup you got to try this.

    Get a recipe here.

    14. Patacones / Tostones

    What is it: Twice fried green plantains. Shoutout to all the other wonderful food cultures that make these.

    Taste: The best kind of savory.

    Conclusion: They go with everything, so just eat them!

    Get a recipe here.

    15. Arroz con Coco

    What is it: Coconut rice.

    Taste: Sweet and lovely.

    Conclusion: A sweet treat that's easy to make and easy to love.

    Get a recipe here.

    16. Buñuelos Colombianos

    What is it: Starchy bread balls with gooey queso costeño in the middle.

    Taste: Simply magnificent.

    Conclusion: You need these in your life, forever and always.

    Get a recipe here.

    17. Empanadas

    What is it: Stuff and fried pastries with a variety of fillings. These exist in many countries throughout the world.

    Taste: Delectable.

    Conclusion: Empanadas for president!

    Get a recipe here.

    18. Arroz Atollado

    What is it: A medley of chicken, rice, pork, potatoes vegetables and spices from the Valle del Cauca region.

    Taste: Creamy and wonderful.

    Conclusion: Regional deliciousness perfected.

    Get a recipe here.

    Did we miss anything? I'm sure we did. Please let us know in the comments below.