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    People All Over The World Have Been Making Sushi Burgers With Delicious Results

    This food mashup is retaking Instagram by storm.

    Do you love the savory flavor of burgers as well as the fresh, crisp taste of sushi? Well, sushi burgers are part of a food trend that's been big on Instagram recently.

    All over the world, restaurants have been crafting rice in a compact hamburger bun shape and filling the middle with a combination of traditional sushi and burger ingredients.

    The trend isn't necessarily new, as people have been doing the mashup for several years, but it certainly is picking up steam on social media. An Instagram search of #sushiburger, for example, pulls up more than 2,300 related posts.

    Some dishes, like this one out of Melbourne, Australia, offer a ground beef patty in a rice bun.

    While this creation features pork belly as the main protein.

    This offering from Venezuela combines traditional sushi ingredients with a unique and colorful presentation.

    Some restaurants change it up and fry the rice.

    The options are as varied and unique as the places they come from.


    As the trend picks up, there are bound to be even more unique combinations.

    Let your love of sushi soar to new heights.