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This Vintage Children's Book Leaves Nothing To The Imagination

Kids need to learn somehow.

Children have to learn the birds and the bees somehow, and the 1975 book How a Baby Is Made was written to show them EVERY step of the process. In graphic detail.

The book, written by Danish author, teacher, and psychotherapist Per Holm Knudsen, chronicles the entire process of making a child from conception to actual birth with frank language and colorful illustrations.

This gem might have been forgotten, until Crysta-Mai Elassaad posted photos of the pages to Facebook. The pictures have since been shared over 134,000 times to date.

Facebook: Cstar1

We begin with an adult couple in love.

Naked as the day they were born.

Looks like the drapes match the carpet.

Then they actually make a baby.


Oh, and they naturally make time for a little postcoital kissing.

The naked couple happily waits for the baby to grow, clearly feeling it unnecessary to put any clothes on...

It gets bigger, but their nakedness stays the same.

Eventually the day comes for the baby to be born, so they drive to the hospital in their hippie love-mobile.

And they meet with the doctor.

Then the miracle of birth occurs. *Shudder*

Note how throughout the whole process the mother never removes the bows in her hair, as women do.

Complete with jazz hands!


A gross miracle.

Such a happy cartoon family. Plus a doctor who can't take a hint.

The out-of-print gem is being sold on Amazon, and can be yours for the low, low price of $270.12.