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    McDonald's Is About To Change The Game With Chocolate-Covered Fries

    But you may have to travel to get them.

    Do you love McDonald's fries and chocolate?

    Well you're in luck, because the people at McDonald's in Japan have made the marriage of salty fries and sweet chocolate happen.

    This creation, named the McChoco Potato, is set to hit Japanese McDonald's locations on Jan. 26. The fries will come drizzled with both white chocolate and "chocolate with cacao flavor."

    McDonald's shared the news via Twitter, where it received mixed reactions.

    Everybody has a sweet and a salty side. Now, with McChoco Potato, you don’t have to choose!

    Some people were excited about the new combo.

    But some were skeptical.

    And some people were "disgusted."

    Japanese McDonald's locations are also famous for other unique menu items, like the "N.Y. Pizza Burger" and the "Mega Mac."

    However, if you want to try these fries, you better book your flight soon. McDonald's says they are only going to be available for a limited time.

    Any fry is always fly!