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This Baby Had An Adorably Magical "Harry Potter" Themed Photoshoot

Wizardry starts young.

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Aside from being a photographer, Glover is also a lifelong Harry Potter fan. She told BuzzFeed News that she had been a loyal fan of the series since she was 10, and has never missed a midnight release party or late-night movie premiere.

When it came time for Lorelai Grace to do a photo shoot, Glover knew a Harry Potter theme would be a perfect fit.

With the help of her husband, she gathered her books and various props and set up a session in her home studio.


Glover said she plans to incorporate more elements of the series into her daughter's upbringing. "I dream of the day I can share Harry Potter with her and I hope she loves it as much as I do. I'm a big fan of themes and I hope a Harry Potter birthday party is in her future!"

She went on to tell BuzzFeed what she hoped people would take away form the shoot:

I think a lot of times our vision gets so clouded by the negativity floating around the news and social media. It's nice to stop for a moment and appreciate the beauty and innocence of a child dressed as a character that represents strength, integrity, determination, and a level of humility that is often times lost in this day and age.