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A 4-Year-Old-Cancer Patient "Married" Her Favorite Nurse In An Adorable Ceremony

Fairy tales do come true.

This is 4-year-old Abby from New York. Abby is battling pre-B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, which is a form of leukemia that mostly affects children.

She's currently a patient at Melodies Center for Childhood Cancers in Albany, New York, and is maintaining a positive outlook while facing a very scary disease.

Over time as she received treatment at the hospital, Abby developed a sweet relationship with her favorite nurse, Matt Hickling. So much so, in fact, that she decided she wanted to marry him.

Earlier this week, Abby told her mom her plans to tie the knot with Hickling at her next appointment. So on Wednesday, her mother called him and told him Abby's idea. Naturally, Hickling was up for it and immediately went into planning mode.

With the help of his co-workers, Hickling was able to put a little wedding together for the very next day.

Abby wore a beautiful dress and had a bouquet in hand and Matt rocked a snazzy tuxedo shirt.

When Abby arrived, Hickling had a ceremony ready for her that certainly wasn't short on pageantry.

Facebook: video.php

"Do you take me to be your husband?" Matt asked. "Yeah!" she replied, giving him a big hug.

The ceremony even came complete with a wedding cake, and, of course, ring pops.

Hickling wrote about the wedding in a Facebook post recounting the event: "This day will hopefully be one our patient and her family can always look back on and smile when days are tough! I know I will!"

Nurses are the best. 👰 💒 😃

BuzzFeed has reached out to Abby's family for comment.