27 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For Rugby Players

    What the ruck is going on?

    1. This picture that shows how familiar you get with the pitch.

    2. The constant battle of dealing with nicks, bruises, turf burns, and cuts simultaneously.

    3. The face you try to make to hide the pain of getting worked over in practice.

    “@Rugby_Chat: When you get smashed in training but try to act like you're fine #RugbyProblems ” me today😂 @jtweets11

    4. This two-toned reminder of having a rugby tan 24/7.

    5. This, because most of the time you're trying to pretend you're not hurt, instead of pretending that you are.

    6. What goes through your mind when you're winger, and realize that you've made a mistake.

    When a back decides to hit a ruck #RugbyProblems

    7. This, because waking up for early training is the best and worst part of your day.

    8. The true separation of powers...

    Forwards......Backs. #rugbyproblems

    "Forwards decide who wins the games, backs decide by how much."

    9. ...and what everybody thinks goes on in the mind of a back.

    We all know what backs are like. Just like this really! #rugby #grassroots #E4R #rugbyproblems

    10. The feeling you get when you have a fitness test, and you haven't done shit for three months.

    Pre season fitness testing tomorrow #RugbyProblems

    11. The paradox of having to cut and bulk at the same time.

    @Rugbyprobs How I've been feeling lately. The #RugbyProblems meme. (It's like First World Problems meets rugby.)

    12. This, which is how you look when you dive for a try like a pro.

    When things don't work out quite like you want them to. #rugby #rugbyproblems #grassroots #diving

    13. What it really feels like when you're a forward and finally get a breakaway.

    14. This detailed position-by-position breakdown of what it's like to get a breakaway run.

    15. The constant annoyance of trying to explain that it's not the same as American football.

    @SamHeughan ah ah..#RugbyProblems in US

    Apples and oranges, people.

    16. The face you make when you taste cheap beer, grass, and foot sweat when you score for a new club for the first time.

    17. This, which perfectly captures what it's like to be a back that's about to get owned by a forward.

    “@Rugby_Chat: #RugbyProblems ”😂😂😂😂😂

    18. And what actually goes through your head when you're about to get lit up.

    When you're about to get tackled by the biggest player on the opposing team.. #RugbyProblems #BigBev

    19. This picture, which depicts what it's like when your coach has zero chill.

    Haha basically @laauuraa_xo @jesssantoss #rugbyprobs

    20. And this, for coaches that insist all weather is rugby weather.

    21. What it looks like when you play a team that LOVES to fight.

    “@Rugby_Chat: That team that loves a scrap! #RugbyProblems ”@OfficialCHRFC

    22. When you're trying to cut corners in practice.

    “@Rugby_Chat: When the coach isn't looking at training #RugbyProblems ” this was me all the time!!!!

    23. What respect between opponents really looks like...

    😏 #rugby #rugbygirlfriendproblems #rugbyunion #RugbyClub #RugbyProblems #rugbyleague #RugbyStrong

    24. ...and what really happens when you socialize with the opposing team after the match.

    "@Rugby_Chat: Rugby socials #RugbyProblems " @dan_clark97

    25. The type of dip you take after almost every practice and game.

    Surely what every girl looks forward to on a Friday night? #IceBath #Freezing #RugbyProblems #FridayNightGameTime

    26. The way you feel when a coach roasts you after a tough loss.

    How you reach when your coach picks your name to highlight how badly the team played after a loss #RugbyProblems

    27. And finally, what playing rugby is really like.