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One Week Without A Phone!

How I lived one week without a phone and how it can benefit you.

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Well, as many of you, I am an average cell phone user. Checking social media and emails, playing some videos online and reading articles about many different things which I usually do not remember. However, about a week ago I broke my phone and had no alternative but to buy a new one. So, I decided to live one week without a cell phone for research purposes.

First days, as you would assume were the days of "panic" as I was referring to it. I was feeling very outdated and far away from the world. I could not check any of the messages that I was receiving from my friends or read the news that I was so used to do in the morning on my bed before my brain realizes it is time to actually get up (most of you can probably relate).

The worst part, however, was not the idea of being away from so used entertainment. I did not know what time it was as I am not really a watch type of person, or could not even wake up in the morning because of the absence of the alarm. Long story short, it was horrible experience filled up with constant dissatisfaction.

However, in the fourth day of this experiment I felt something different in the morning. My brain was free from all sorts of useless information and was full of new ideas. Creativity that seemed to disappear after my high school years was coming back. My memory seemed to be sharper which I understood from my Spanish classes.

It was neither a magic nor did I buy the pill from the "Limitless" movie. It was the lack of daily "crappy" information that my brain was free of. Ideas could flow in and out easily without any interference. Overall, I understood that our daily usage of cell phones that we think benefits us in so many different ways, actually takes us several steps backwards without us realizing it.

I do not recommend you all to throw your phones away and start living differently (not that you would even if I told you). Just try to dump all the heavy load that your brain is holding. Let you brain relax and think about important stuff that actually matters to you. You will feel the difference as I did and you will ENJOY it!

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