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What type of Isaballa are you? The only personality quiz that matters.

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  1. It's a Friday night! you are...

    Finishing all of Friday Night Lights in my bed
    Drunk at a queer dance party that I otherwise would definitely not be at if I wasn't drunk
    Having two different band practices in a row before going to the show that I booked
    Posting pictures of my QPPs on facebook
    Spending time alone
    Singing Cher at Alice's
  2. Who is your biggest enemy?

    I like everyone!
    When the same men sing too many songs at karaoke
    Anyone who books a show with only all dude bands
    Every man on the internet
    All men
    Every man on television
  3. Where will your next vacation be?

    A stay at home vacation where I watch every episode Gilmore Girls and eat every food that Lorelai and Rory eat together
    Probably somewhere cold and where a lot of men are! I love men.
    Nashville or Memphis! That's where all the good music is from.
    Not sure. But it definitely wont be me going to some hyped hardcore fest where literally 90% of all the bands playing are men.
    Wherever all the dykes are.
    The south where it's warm and where I can swim and can post pictures of my friends and I swimming.
  4. What is your most prized possession?

    My old blackberry. I wish my job never made me get an iphone
    My drums! Do you want a drum lesson? I am down to give drum lessons to literally anyone so long as they aren't a man.
    A picture of me and my best friend Spooky singing a mo-town duet cover at Karaoke!
    A jar of creole mustard that I can eat with fries from Chicago Diner while watching a series of bad drama TV shows in my bed
    I don't have any prized possessions. I'm getting rid of everything I own! I'm going minimalist!
    My hair buzzer so I can keep my head shaved! gay!
  5. It's cold out here in Chicago, what will you be reading/watching this winter?

    An article on dismantling heteropatriarchy and white supreamcy in DIY scenes
    Reading articles and watching videos posted on facebook
    I haven't read a book since college. But come to this show that I'm booking this weekend. If you don't come you are sketchy
    Rewatching the episode when Rory tells Lorelai that she gave her everything she needs and wanted and crying
    I love winter so I'll be outside playing in the snow obviously!
  6. You are about to leave the house, what are you wearing?

    sweatpants and flip flops
    black hoodie, black levi's, and a cut off black tee which is also literally the exact same thing that James is wearing and while you are hanging out two people mistake you all as girlfriends and two other people think you all are twins.
    Some merch of one of my 8 bands so I can post a picture of the merch online
    Madball shirt, Madball hoodie, Madball hat.
    A t shirt from one of the many hype punk fests I went to last year. I love hyped punk popular all male bands!
    Something comfortable so I can sing and drink beer with ease!
  7. What are some of your fondest memories?

    My sleepovers I had with Frankie in highschool ;)
    When I realized there were over 200 photos of me tagged with #dabellagram on Instagram
    When I did acapella in college!
    Every break up I've ever went through. Break ups are so nice!
    When I first saw the trailer of the new Gilmore Girls Season
    Seeing Madball
  8. What's your favorite type of food?
    Beer at Alices!
    The Monte Christo with extra creole mustard! We can get it for dinner before we go to the gig
    Anything that I can eat while laying down in my bed
    I like food! Do you know what I hate though? When people order things that you can easily make at home while at a restaurant. I'm not going to order a salad when i'm eating out. That is so sketchy.
    Chicago Diner! lets take a picture of us eating creole mustard. Make sure you tag it tho.
    Anything that my horoscope tells me to eat! I'm such a classic aquarius.
  9. Which of these pictures appeal to you the most?


You got: Sketchabella

You aren't like Isabella at all. That's sketchy.

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You got: Acapellabella

My only friends are the people who work at Alice's for Karoake! I love motown! and musicals! Did you know that I did acapella in college?!

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You got: xisaxbellax

You got the punkest of all the isabellas. You've been rewarded 5000 punk points now.

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You got: Soft Butch Bella

You are literally actually so gay.

Soft Butch Bella
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You got: #Dabellagram

Get off the internet! Or don't.

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You got: Lorelaisabella

If you've never watched Gilmore Girls that is actually for real so sketchy.

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