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Tips For Learning To Play Piano Is Easy

Learning to play piano is not so difficult, I know that there are many areas to learn but, if you read this article you will find out the first steps.

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Also, at the end of the article, I will teach you to play a very easy and well-known song.

Read the stories I tell and learn this song right now.

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Learning to play piano can mean a challenge for a person who wants to fulfill his long-awaited dream. There is a music that motivates them to want to learn to play, and that song becomes a goal when learning. "I want to play that song."

I have had students who have started to take classes from scratch and they have told me they want to learn to play Moonlight Sonata of Beethoven (but it turns out that this piece is can then play 2 or 3 years of having learned to play other easier works and have already incorporated certain techniques).

But there are some people who insist want to play that specific work, though still know nothing. Everything is possible, but a lot of practice.

My advice is to always start with the easiest and step by step. If this is your case, you want to learn a particular music note, yes the can play, but all in good time! It is the way of learning.

One of my students was 11, and came with his proposal to learn moonlight. I told him that perhaps could find an easier way to learn what he could release and said "Mmm, I want the original!". So we went for the original. He was very convinced of wanting to learn, and never said "mu" the difficulty. He practiced all day and memorized the pedal and everything. Since my role as teacher, I gave strategies so that he could learn without feeling some frustration.

At year end he gave a concert playing the Moonlight (memory completely and with all the expressiveness that the work required). It was all a success.

My student was 11, but beyond age, was his determination that led him to success (and not so much their age). Like him, you can also motivate you! And Touching By determination, decision, because it's your dream, and because I really believe in yourself. There is nothing you can not do, all you can do it !.

I have students of all ages (from 4 years to almost 80). Use different strategies according to age (children I can not teach them the same way I teach an adult simply because they are children, and learn otherwise).


It is always Footsteps. First play without sheet music . You can play many things on the piano, without having to read a score. These are the notes on the piano. you Can learn more easy piano songs.

For example:

Invent melodies, with different rhythm in black fingers touching keys "index" of each hand.

Touching technique exercises (Work No. 1 Hanon, you can find video mine in the video section).

Play chords with both hands, first separate and then together (see the videos you find Videos section). These are the chords in C Major scale.

Try to get some ear children's song: as happy birthday.

Here I leave notes for Happy Birthday !!:

Do - do - re - do / fa - my .... (That thou mayest / Happy)

Do - do - re - do / sol - fa ... (that thou mayest / Happy)

Do - do - do (do octave higher) -the / fa - fa - my - re .... (Which you may do / that thou mayest)

B flat - B flat - la - fa / sun - fa- (do you turn / happy).

Try to play this song right now !!

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