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5 New Inventions To Help YOU Get Out Of Bed In The Morning!

Life in the twenty first century is difficult for the likes of us who own a mobile phone; computer; LED lights, or simply live next to a street lamp. As light exposure towards the retina later on in the day, tricks the body into believing that it definitely can't be bed time yet; even if it is 4am. Which is why we've ransacked the internet to find the very best of sleep rousing inventions, as we need them now more than ever.

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1. Ruggie Alarm Clock / Via

Ruggie is designed to get you out of bed in the morning, and make you stay there. Its motivational and fully customizable 'morning message', means that Ruggie will be screaming at you to 'GET TO THA CHOPPA', from thirty seconds to five minutes. Depending on how long the user feels they need to stand there before conceding defeat. The Ruggie will come in at a the more expensive end for an alarm clock, at $79. However, it's uniqueness and charm make for an interesting consideration when you're in need of a good wake up.

2. The Runaway Alarm Clock


This next invention to get you out of bed... may drive you insane. But if it's an effective way to get you out of bed, perhaps you could simply turn it into an exercise routine. The runaway alarm clock will, as is its name, run away from you as its alarm starts going off. It will drive around your room, in different patterns, hitting into stuff and driving into cracks that you didn't even know existed. This seems like an almost too effective alarm clock, as just after it's woken you up, you'll be throwing it out the window. The runaway clock retails for $60, and allows for hours of bedroom fun.

3. Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock With Bed Shaker


The sonic bomb alarm clock will wake you up to the sound of of a nuclear blast, as 85 decibels fires into your eardrums which according to the reviews will actually shake your bed. This is a personal favourite of mine simply because shock is an incredibly effective way to get someone out of bed (a fact I know far too well from living at university). Your body will begin to pump adrenaline around your body, and shortly after getting out of bed, you'll be able to get into the blocks next to Usain Bolt and ask how many rounds he wants to go for. The Sonic Bomb clocks in at $40, for which unless you have a phobia of nuclear blasts is probably not far off a steal.

4. Witmoving Wake Up Light Bedside Sunrise Simulator


This one is probably for the more peaceful of you out there. As the Witmoving sunrise simulator will slowly rise in light exposure, until your eyelids have been desensitised enough to shout, 'RISE N' SHINE'. This is a fan favourite, and number one bestseller, and it's not difficult to see why, as just looking at the alarm is in itself quite calming. It doesn't blast you out of bed, get you to chase anything or stand somewhere for five minutes while you think about Newtons first law. And with the invention of curtains (especially black out curtains), our eyelids can't get enough light to tell us when to wake up, they are in effect staring at the curtains in infinite purgatory while shrugging every half hour. Your subconscious probably thinks the sun just fucked off and didn't come back. Anyway, the Witmoving simular retails at $30, and is a cute little substitute for all those light sleepers out there.

5. DIGIFLEX Flying Helicopter Novelty Alarm


I felt the need to add this last one, because Christmas is coming around, and you've been racking your brain to think of something to buy your annoying sibling or relative. Well look no further. This novelty alarm with average to terrible reviews, has got complaints of the propeller firing off in random directions, even some being woken up by being hit in the face. And for those that have found it to not launch in awkward directions, have said it sounds like a small dog barking in the corner, and if they're in a heavy enough sleep, won't wake up at all. The DIGIFLEX retails for $15, and I can't wait for the amass of bad YouTube reviews which will now be popping up around Christmas time.

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