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Wild Boar Named "Banana" Is Adopted By A Herd Of Cattle

"This pig has special status."

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If friends are the family you choose, a wild boar in Germany has chosen his new family: A herd of cattle in the pastureland just outside his forest.

The boar, which the locals have nicknamed Banana, started coming out of the forest a couple months ago to hang out with eight cattle on pastureland north of Hamburg.

The Associated Press reported that the land's farmer, Dirk Reese, told a local news outlet that Banana has since been adopted by the herd.

"He's fully integrated into the herd, which is fascinating," Reese said.

Banana is thought to be a young boar, which typically leave their female-dominated sounder at around 8 months to either live in loosely knit groups or mate. Otherwise, it's a solitary life outside the short breeding season each year.

Seems like Banana, though, isn't quite ready to be on his own, and in the process, has become somewhat of a local celebrity, the German Press Agency reported.

"This pig has a special status," Reese said.