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    Posted on Sep 24, 2015

    The Columbus Zoo Just Rolled Out Four Adorable Lion Cubs

    So much ~pride~ happening rn.

    Fred Squillante/The Columbus Dispatch via AP

    The Columbus Zoo unveiled four lion cubs Wednesday, and they did not disappoint.

    The cubs were born at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio on Aug. 16 to mother, Asali, and father, Tomo. A second litter by the same dad was born Aug. 20, but remain out of view.

    Meanwhile, the young foursome — one male and three females — got to make their first public appearance without having to ~hang out~ with mom and dad. Instead, zookeepers let them explore the lion yard on their own to make sure they knew how to get in and out of the habitat.

    Full blown cuteness ensued...

    "You have something to say to our squad?" — Lion cubs, smugly.

    ...with the siblings taking in their new surroundings.

    "Wait...I think I smell churros." — Front cub, probably.

    "Yes, those are definitely churros." — Back cub.

    "I want churros, NEEEOOWW!" — Front cub.

    Watch the lion cub squad roam here:

    Facebook: video.php

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