35 Items Under $20 To Gift Your Own Kitchen This Valentine's Day

    Love is great and all, but have you checked these out?

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. And FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A heart-shaped cake pan so you can literally bake with love.

    2. A pair of ceramic ramekins that are oven and broiler safe up to 572°F.

    3. A cake pan set to create a hidden work of art and impress just about everyone.

    4. A valentine trivet that can handle the hot and/or heavy.

    5. A 10-cube tray for 3D hearts, because drinks should stay cold even if your heart isn't.

    6. A letterpress set to adorn your cakes like a pro.

    7. A large cutting board made from environmentally friendly bamboo that's even harder than maple wood.

    8. A candy mold with two different "pixelated" hearts for the nerdy lover in your life.

    9. A stylish dish towel created from cotton and cellulose that absorbs up to 15 times (!) its own weight in water.

    10. A two-piece fillable cake pan, because sweets are better when they're stuffed with surprises.

    11. A 12-inch bamboo spoon for anyone who takes comfort food seriously.

    12. A Valentine's-themed macaroon kit that includes a silicone baking mat, piping bag, and six piping tips (aka literally everything).

    13. A ceramic spoon rest to pair with your trivets for a match that would make Cupid jealous.

    14. A heart-shaped springform pan perfect for V-Day cheesecakes.

    15. A sturdy molded cookie pan set to make baking easy as pie (thanks to its non-stick coating!).

    16. A lollipop mold with four heart-shaped cavities for homemade chocolate treats.

    17. A pack of edible icing decorations, because you're allowed to be as extra as you want to be on Valentine's Day.

    18. A stainless steel tea infuser to steep your favorite looseleaf blends.

    19. A six-inch frying pan made from PFOA-free aluminum for non-toxic even heating.

    20. A pack of decorative cupcake picks for a simple way to jazz up your party snacks.

    21. A set of four festive measuring spoons that nest together to keep your drawers from getting stuck.

    22. And a matching set of four charming measuring cups made from durable, food-safe melamine.

    23. A heart-shaped sandwich cutter since we all know that crusts are the worst.

    24. A 12 pack of silicone baking cups so you can break up with your muffin pans for good.

    25. A seven-piece cookie cutter set because love comes in all shapes and sizes.

    26. A pack of 50 Valentine's Day cupcake liners that aren't basic like those boring ones you bought last year.

    27. A plastic table cover for a last-minute get together.

    28. A couple of heat-resistant spatulas that are honestly perfect for each other.

    29. A three-piece set of kitchen towels made from bleach-proof cotton.

    30. A heart-shaped melon baller, because fruit deserves love too.

    31. Two adorable egg shapers, since breakfast in bed is always an acceptable gift.

    32. A heart-shaped ravioli stamp from Italy to lovingly seal your pasta pockets.

    33. A glazed ceramic bowl that's totally chip-resistant for extra protection.

    34. A "love" mug from the Ellen DeGeneres collection crafted by the china experts at Royal Doulton.

    35. A durable candy dish from Hershey's that's made from stoneware and is perfect for entertaining.