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    14 Dishes From The New Tasty Cookbook That Will Rock Your World

    I'm not drooling, you're drooling.

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    It's here! Tasty's brand spankin' new collection of 80+ tantalizing recipes has landed, featuring everything from party foods like Chili Cheese Dog Boats to vegan comforts like Peanut Noodle Pasta Salad. To celebrate, we've scoured all 190+ pages to round up our favorite dishes.

    Grab your copy of the new Tasty Latest & Greatest cookbook today, available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, and Target for just $19.99. Shipping begins December 12th. Let's get cooking!

    1. Bacon Guacamole Chicken Bombs

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    Honestly, if I could legally change my name to Seared Bacon, I would. Plus, any time a chicken breast can be used an edible pocket of flavor, you can pretty much guarantee pure awesomeness. Bombs away into my mouth a thousand times, please and thank you.

    2. Lasagna Party Ring

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    Ain't no party like a lasagna ring party, because a lasagna ring party don't stop. (It does, actually, but your stomach will be so grateful that it doesn't even matter.)

    3. Honey Garlic Slow Cooker Ribs

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    As legend would have it, the BBQ gods created the slow cooker as an act of retaliation against those who served dry pork to their guests. Trust us on that one (don't Google it). For fall-off-the-bone succulence, simply toss all ingredients into the pot, let it do its thing, and boom.

    4. Tornado Potato

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    It's a proven fact that food tastes better when it rhymes. But put it on a stick, and only then will it reach its maximum flavor potential.

    5. Chocolate Galaxy Bark

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    If your hunger for sweets is as infinite as the stars, you've found your match, my friend. For one thing, it's easy to get cosmic with this chocolate treat without ever leaving the stratosphere. Even better: It's a fun and simple one for parents. That's one giant bite for mankind, you little stargazer, you.

    6. Pizza Bombs

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    Yes. Yes. Yes. These bite-size pizza pleasures are great for entertaining friends. Or entertain yourself by eating them all in one sitting. No one has to know.

    7. Carne Asada Fries

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    The ol' meat and potatoes dish is a classic standby for a reason (hint: it's awesome). But throw some cojita and pepper jack cheeses, guac, and fries into the equation, and you've got a whole different kind of animal. Pop that bad boy into your trusty skillet and soon you'll be greatly rewarded.

    8. Blackberry Sorbet

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    If you need something sweet in a pinch, this one has your back. Just two simple ingredients! (Prince parodies are not mandatory, but definitely appreciated.)

    9. Homemade Gnocchi

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    This recipe is great for everyone: pasta lovers, vegetarians, and those who enjoy taking their aggression out on root vegetables. With a little mashing, kneading, and some whisking, you'll be on your way to a feast of epic proportions with very few ingredients. Mangia! (That means f*ck yeah, pasta! in Italian.)

    10. White Chocolate Chip Truffle

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    Heavy cream = heavy breathing. You're going to want all of these tiny sweet treats. Honestly, we don't blame you.

    11. Mexican-Style Pork Tacos (Tacos Al Pastor)

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    Let's all come together to celebrate the amazingness that is marinated meat. After all, pineapple on pizza is a snoozefest. Pineapple on pork, though? With corn tortillas, onions, and fresh cilantro in the mix, you'd be hard pressed to find a more solid team.

    12. Fudgiest Brownies Ever

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    Let's be real for a second; if you aren't drooling at the sight of these babies, it's time for you to check your pulse. SO. GOOEY.

    13. One-Pot Chicken Bacon Pesto Pasta

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    Fettuccine, bacon, pesto, garlic. What's not to love? This dish is rich, delicious, and so easy to make that honestly it should be illegal. Seriously, who allowed this? It's too simple.

    14. Brigadeiros

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    If you're unfamiliar with these adorable Brazilian beauties, it's time to break out of your shell and indulge. Anything covered entirely with chocolate sprinkles is a sign from above that what's inside is oh-so-special.

    Bon appétit! Check out Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, and Target to grab your Latest & Greatest now!

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