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    22 Random St. Paddy's Day Things That'll Probably Make Everyone You Know Green With Envy

    Because green looks great on everyone.

    1. A BuzzFeed T-shirt jam packed with lucky charms that carries all of the luck and none of the cereal.

    2. A "lucky" golden fanny pack made of 100% nylon for easy cleaning that'll keep your cold ones close while making a statement.

    3. A package of St. Paddy's Day flair with eight different button designs to tell the world, "Maybe I'm Irish, maybe I'm not, but I'm definitely 100% fun."

    4. A breathable pair of cozy unisex shamrock socks that anyone can wear to a party or parade.

    5. St. Patrick's Day vinyl stickers from BuzzFeed to instantly upgrade literally any surface just in time for your favorite Irish holiday.

    6. A *very* lucky green tee that features an illustration of the most adorable four-leaf clover you've ever seen.

    7. This pet costume for your favorite furry pal that comes with everything they need to dress up — including a beard, hat, and yes, a very tiny bowtie.

    8. Bright green hair color spray that washes out easily and is safe to use on all hair types.

    9. A sleek pair of 20-ounce Guinness pint glasses with new embossed features for a fresh twist on an iconic favorite.

    10. Waterproof LED shamrock string lights (measuring in at 10 feet long!) so you can get creative while setting up a cheerful seasonal ambience.

    11. A very literal T-shirt that's good enough to keep you from getting pinched.

    12. A set of whiskey chillers to enhance your drink with ice cubes frozen inside flavorful oak once used for aging Kentucky bourbon.

    13. A festive leprechaun hat and beard combo that'll look way more fun than whatever that Abe Lincoln guy was working with.

    14. A hands-free beer lanyard made from reclaimed, twice-recycled rope so you can say, "I'm literally the greenest one here."

    15. An aromatic cocktail recipe kit with two bold flavors for easy-to-brew hot toddies. You bring the whiskey.

    16. A stainless-steel beer layering tool so you can EASILY craft the *perfect* Black and Tan like a pro.

    17. A pot o' gold handbag with a drawstring closure to keep your valuables in check wherever you go.

    18. A set of vibrant Irish mugs that'll grant you luck. They're designed in Galway on the west coast of Ireland and are adorned with a traditional Celtic blessing.

    19. An adult coloring book of Celtic mandalas if you need help restoring your meditative vibes, reducing stress, and decompressing after a long day.

    20. A premium brewing kit that comes with literally everything you'd need to brew a gallon of your own full-bodied Irish stout.

    21. For the football fan, a warm fleece-lined hoodie that's casual while still showing some St. Paddy's spirit.

    22. A set of novelty beard ornaments to spruce up your facial foliage and prove that you are the quirkiest one at this party.

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