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Spill The Beans On That Moment Your Annoying Boss Was Humbled

Karma is coming for ya boss!

We've all had to work jobs where the manager thought they were royalty. Like, everything they requested was a command, and if you didn't wanna get fired from this job you hated anyway, you'd better treat it like it was a royal decree.

Man in a suit holding a crown on his head

But every so often, karma comes knocking. So hard, in fact, it knocks them off their high horse, and that once royal a-hole boss gets humbled.

So, we'd love to know, what's the best story you have of an entitled boss being humbled in epic fashion? Maybe they ruled over you with an iron fist until you were promoted over them and the tables were turned?

Coworkers looking at a laptop together

How about an overlord manager being humbled by a customer who just happened to tell them what you've always wanted to say?

Couple on a date angry at a waitress in an outdoor restaurant. They are upset and dissatisfied with the customer service or the food in the cafe.

Or the time you were sick and tired of the BS so you gave them a piece of your mind, you were right, everyone knew it, and they were humbled. Speak your truth!

businessman holding smartphone and covering face with hand near laughing coworker in modern office

Share the best moments of when your entitled boss got humbled in the comments or submit anonymously through this form. Your story might appear in a BuzzFeed Community post. Now bring on the stories!