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How My Facebook Life Became More Tough Than Climbing A Snowy Mountain

I joined Facebook in 2009 and loved it, but that soon changed once my network expanded.

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In real life I don't have that many friends and wanted my Facebook to reflect that


When I started using Facebook, I had a small number of friends, by the time I deactivated the account, I had just under 200, to me that is a lot of friends, yet people thought I must be very lonely as I didn't have over 5,000 like all they have.

You hate me in real life, yet you want to be my Facebook friend


Last year I worked for a large company with a huge number of staff and while I met some wonderful people I also met a lot of turd stains too, these people made every day a misery for me, bitched about me, bullied me, ignored me, spread rumours about me and worst of all, they sent me Friend Requests.

I can't move on with my life


I have gone to school with people I dislike and they are gone and forgotten to me now, but the same can't be said for people from college and work who I despised. Even if I unfriend them, I still see them in other people's posts. I don't want to wake up, go to my FB app and the first thing I see is some nemesis I havn't seen in five years.

Is it a requirement that you must put everything about your day on Facebook??

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When people decide to watch television or Netflix, they not only post it as a status, but also have to show you the chocolate bar they will be eating whilst watching!

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