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Spacetalk, Bricksburg and everything else you missed this week.

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We had a crazy week on the internet. I can't believe you missed it! Well, here's what happened.

I was one of the lucky people that got stuck in the NYC Subway Meltdown of 2015. Is it super lame to complain about the subways? I don't care! The internet had it's own meltdown about one dress that you absolutely have seen already. The dress is blue and black. The dress is blue and black. Earlier in the day two llamas took us for a wild ride and stole our digital <3 hearts <3.

Can we just talk about space for a minute?

A giant black hole from the dawn of time has been discovered, reportedly with the mass of 12 billion suns! While it's not the biggest black hole us humans have discovered, it developed only 875 million years after the big bang. The universe was just a baby!

The idea of a Mars colony is exciting, terrifying, and has a serious jet lag issue. Apple is thinking about making cars... is the next step a rocket ship? iRocket? iMars? iHope we'll have Rich Dogs of Space soon, which might inspire Earthlings to visit Mars for a long weekend.

Since we're talkin' about dogs... This week there were Popular Dogs, Re-oranged Dogs and Alpha Dogs.

Editors Note: The answer is Kanye, there's no debate; however, the final paragraph's description of Young Thug is journalism at it's absolute finest:

Young Thug raps like if the sun were made of Jell-O and you just jumped headfirst into it. Young Thug raps like if your skeleton jumped out of your body and ran down the street and you were just a blob of meat and eyeballs.

Bricks Bricks Bricks



Banksy murals were found in Gaza, while Bricksy murals were creating some civil disobedience in Bricksburg. (Possible enraged by this?)

Everything isn't awesome when you try to build a perfect Mouse Utopia. TL;DR: They were doomed; we're doomed.

But living in a tough place doesn't mean you can't have fun. And sometimes, by complete surprise, an unusual place will embrace you and make you their number one celebrity.

Dan Deacon should be a bigger celebrity by now. Sigur Ros is re-releasing their album that brought them fame and their fellow Viking decedent, Knausgaard, traveled through North America and told us exactly what happened exactly how he would.

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"I" News

- I had the best ramen of my life last night and I'm finally seeing The Dodos tonight

- I'm so proud of our little Jonathan growing up

- I'm appropriately EXCITED about Kanye's new album

- I'm loving Purity Ring's new album.

- I know you need to watch this beautiful video- beautiful!

That's all the links... now get out of here!

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