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Woah, what a week!

With so many links out there, how can I possibly choose ones that are truly worthy of your view? That's not a decision that should be put on a friend. But Family? Yeah, they can make that decision. Family.


This was the week Furious 7 was released. A moment that will go down in Fast and Furious history. A bunch of former street racers take on the world's deadliest assassins with the help of the US Black Ops (because only Dom Toretto can save the world). Look I can go on. I can go on and on and on about why this movie is great, but I won't.


Let's talk about FAMILY.


We learned the history behind it all. How it all started (hint: it wasn't a bicep flex from the Rock even though it could have been). We learned how the team managed to convince every viewer (maybe just me) that Paul Walker starred in the movie. Will he be nominated for Best Male Lead? Will it be nominated for any Oscar? I mean, Vin Diesel thinks so. And whatever Dom Toretto thinks, seems to be true (except for the whole Brian isn't a cop thing but who remembers that?).

Look, WHEN Furious 7 is up for Best Picture, it's going to be one of these moments that plays in that introduction clip. Personally, I think it should be the clip where the Rock... I won't give it away!!



Furious 7 is like Snow White. Furious 7 is Ludacris (and not Ja Rule). Furious 7 is ridiculous and emotional and I'm not ashamed to admit I cried at the end. I'm not ashamed one bit. I'm human, okay?

In case you're saying, "Jason, you're a crazy person. Fast and Furious isn't for me, can you knock it off with all the links?" I have a link for you.

But at least some people understand that this is the greatest movie franchise of our time. I mean, in what other world can they do any of this stuff and viewers cheer along. It doesn't remove you from the movie or seem outlandish at all. They're not even trained fighters! Okay. That's enough. That's enough.


Okay. How about some non-Fast&Furious links?

We learned what the best typefaces of 2014 were. We figured out that we can have it all! Let's all celebrate because THE. CROC. IS. BACK.

Just like Blink-182 said. "Some brands try to hard."

Get inspired. It's Peep Season!

Our coolest link of the week: Scaling Everest.

Our coolest thing to-look-forward-to-of-the-week: Chef's Table

fuck birds: -act like jerks -hard to draw accurately -i'm scared of dinosaurs -smell bad up close -i can tell they're bragging when they fly

"I" News

- I'm going to see this band tonight

- I'm going to this restaurant

- For those who may have not known, I saw Furious 7 last night.

- I think this beer is great and everyone should try it.

- My favorite quarterback was pranked all season long.

That's all the links. Isn't that enough?