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    People Shared The US Vacation Spots They Think Are Super Underrated

    Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is a gold mine for boutiques!

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite underrated vacation spot in the US. Here are the hidden gems they recommended:

    1. Morro Bay, California

    2. Manchester, Vermont

    3. Hollywood, Florida

    4. Knoxville, Tennessee

    5. Northampton, Massachusetts

    6. Ithaca, New York

    7. Buffalo, New York

    8. Burlington, Vermont

    9. The Mississippi Gulf Coast

    10. Portsmouth, New Hampshire

    11. Annapolis, Maryland

    12. San Marcos, Texas

    13. Breckenridge, Colorado

    14. Minneapolis

    15. St. George, Utah

    16. Holland, Michigan

    17. Cleveland

    18. Denver

    19. Laguna Beach, California

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