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    15 Photos That Show How Different The Subway-Riding Experience Is Around The World

    Some subways look so clean you could eat a $1 slice of pizza off the floor.

    As someone who lives and works in New York, I spend about 20 hours of my life on the subway during any given week. I'm well aware that the trains in the Big Apple have a...unique reputation, so it kinda got me wondering what the subway was like in other countries.

    Because I can't exactly travel around riding subway cars all day, I did a little digging to find a few photos that show the underground experience around the world:

    1. Scottish subway cars have limited walking room.

    2. Subway cars in Thailand look pristine as heck.

    3. Subways in Australia have foldable seats so passengers in wheelchairs can comfortably fit into a space inside the car.

    4. Passengers on subways in the Czech Republic have their own individual seats.

    5. Subway seats in Finland are actually booths.

    6. Subway cars in Iran have metal gates to separate seating areas.

    7. Subways in Portugal are lined with double-seaters that face each other.

    8. Subway cars in Poland are living in 3019 with their built-in monitors to show upcoming stations.

    9. Subway cars in China are lined with poles for those who don't get a seat.

    10. Cars on the London Underground in England sometimes have fancy AF armrests.

    11. Subway cars in France look a liiiiittle snug.

    12. The subway in South Korea looks hella sleek.

    13. The metro in Spain has rows of seats meant for up to four people, but there are a lot of poles to help you maintain your balance while standing.

    14. The Buenos Aires Underground in Argentina has screens on the ceiling to alert passengers to the current station.

    15. Finally, cars on the metro in Taiwan are super spacious and have ample standing room.