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Millennials, What Are Some Money Mistakes You Made That You Hope Gen Z'ers Avoid?

We wanna hear your advice for saving, spending, budgeting, and all things ~money~.

We all make mistakes, right? Sure, some are more painful than others, but at least we can learn something valuable from our mistakes and use our experiences to teach others. So, millennials, we need your help...

Tell us about the money mistakes you've made that you hope Gen Z'ers avoid.

Maybe you wish you'd downloaded the Acorns app to invest the spare change from your everyday purchases, and slowly grow your money over time.

Perhaps you fell into the *infamous* lifestyle inflation trap — you started making more money at work, but you also started spending more on shopping and amenities.

Or maybe you regret buying coffee on a daily basis and burning a venti-sized hole in your wallet. Your cold brew habit might've been hard to kick, but once you started making your own at home, you had extra cash to put towards a vacation or a new home.

Orrrr, looking back, perhaps you would've tried to save every five-dollar bill you came across — in just one year, that would've added up to a serious chunk of cash.

Now's your chance to lend some wisdom! Comment below and tell us what spending and saving mistakes Gen Z'ers should avoid, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.