These 15 People Have Never Packed Lunch A Day In Their Lives And It Really Shows

    The most confusing meal of the day.

    1. This dad who at least packed the fancy tuna.

    2. This person who packed spaghetti in a resealable bag instead of using Tupperware.

    3. And this criminal who took it one step further and threw in a PLASTIC-WRAPPED banana.

    4. This person who made a "healthy" lunch of frozen peas and Saran-wrapped chicken.

    5. This person who packed deconstructed mac 'n' cheese.

    6. This person whose sloppy joe was even sloppier than expected.

    7. This person who took all of two seconds to throw together the best mess they could manage.

    8. This dad who hopefully got the spoon back.

    9. This person who you definitely don't want making your deli sandwiches.

    10. This husband who tried to add more color to his family's diet.

    11. This person who forgot an essential part of making a sandwich.

    12. This dude, who packed a balanced meal of mustard, peanut butter, and canned pears.

    13. This person who packed a whole-ass bottle of garlic salt for one measly avocado.

    14. This person, who made a "sandwich" out of cheese sticks, pickles, and just one slice of bread.

    15. Finally, this person who accidentally brought uncooked ground turkey to work for lunch.