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People Who've Raised Your Credit Score, How Did You Do It?

If it helped you, we wanna hear all about it.

Credit scores are more important than you might think. Your score can help determine whether or not you're qualified for a loan (mortgage, car, etc.). It influences the interest rates you'll pay, and it can even give you access to better credit terms. So clearly, there are benefits to keeping your credit score nice 'n healthy.

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And while it might seem impossible, you can totally recover from a low credit score. So if this sounds like something you've been able to do, we wanna hear from you!

Tell us how you improved your credit score.

Maybe after accidentally making a late bill payment, you set up autopay so you always pay your loans and bills on time every month.

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Or perhaps you transferred your balance to a card with a lower interest rate — paying down a balance feels easier when you aren't getting slammed with huge interest charges every month.

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Orrrr maybe you slowly (but surely) paid down your debt over the course of a few years — and a healthier credit score was totally worth the wait!

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Tell us your tried-and-true tip for improving your credit score and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.