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People Who Are In The Market For A House, What Has Your Experience Been Like?

Are fixer-uppers selling for way over asking price in your city? Or has the process been surprisingly smooth for you? We wanna know.

To say the housing market has been out of control the past year might be a bit of an understatement. Demand has surged while inventory has dwindled. Not to mention the fact that in many cities, homes have been selling for way above asking price.

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Are you in the process of house hunting or buying a home right now? Tell us what it's *really* like right now.

Maybe you toured a home that you *loved* and were just about to place an offer when your realtor suddenly told you that the home was already sold.

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Or perhaps it was so tough to get a home in your area that you bought a home in another city — without even getting the chance to see it in person.

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Or maybe you found it basically excruciating to just get an appointment with a realtor because demand in your city is just so high.

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Orrr, maybe the housing market in your city just *isn't* as wild as the market in other cities and you've been able to comfortably purchase your home.

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Tell us what your recent home buying experience has been like. You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.