Hotel Employees Shared The Wildest Things They've Ever Seen And The Stories Are Straight-Up Shocking

    Working in hotels can sometimes be a terrifying experience.

    Hotel employees of the BuzzFeed Community recently shared the worst things they've seen guests do. Here are some of the wildest and grossest things they've witnessed.

    1. These guests found a disgusting way to "get rid" of their chicken bones:

    "I work at a hotel in Portland, and once, housekeeping called me to check on something. Apparently, two guests had eaten a whole bucket of KFC hot wings in their room and left all the bones under their pillows."


    2. This guest left a truly shitty surprise all over the bathroom:

    "I had a weekend job as a housekeeper, and I once walked into a bathroom covered in poop! The person had pooped in the bathtub and then proceeded to smear it across the tub, sink, tiles, and floor. I couldn't face it, so I went to clean the bedroom and found that the person had also pleasured themselves and left the evidence dripping down the mirror."


    3. This guest may or may not have been trying to hex someone:

    "I'm a front desk agent, and I once had a housekeeper bring me a Bible that had been left open on page 666 where someone had drawn a weird symbol and a Latin phrase. She also found a bone under the bed. I researched the hell out of it and found NOTHING. We thought someone was trying to place a curse or do some ritual."


    4. This dude peed, like, everywhere:

    "One day, a guy checked into the hotel I worked at and then checked out about 30 minutes later claiming he had a family emergency. So, the girl working the front desk canceled his reservation. An hour later, the housekeeper had gone into the room to double-check that it was okay to rent and found that the guy had urinated on every flat surface in the room, including the vanity, nightstands, desk, and TV."


    5. This woman took out a hotel bathroom with her CAR:

    "A guest once backed her car into the hotel and damaged an entire bathroom. Then, she drove off as if nothing had happened. Luckily, we had cameras and saw her do it. She came back and claimed that she 'would have known' if she had hit the wall. It took weeks to repair the damage!"


    6. This parent ditched her kid in the lobby for a shopping spree:

    "Once, there was a hockey tournament in town and the entire hotel was overrun with unsupervised kids and drunk parents. One parent left their kid in my lobby to go shopping and told him, 'The lady at the desk will watch you.' We only found out when we asked him about two hours after she had left."


    7. This guest always returned towels covered in blood:

    "We used to have a guest who was a traveling tattoo artist. She would take our towels to her tattoo jobs and return them covered in blood and ink. According to the hotel's policy, we had to just bleach towels and reuse them, even if they were stained with bodily fluids."


    8. This person, you know, stole a nightstand:

    "Someone literally stole just one of the two nightstands in the room. We still have no idea how they managed to do it."


    9. And these grown-ass adults used the lobby as their jungle gym:

    "I can't count the number of times I've had to tell drunk adults not to ride the luggage carts like a scooter in the lobby. Then, they get mad at ME for ruining their fun."


    10. This guest created a secret stash of sex toys in his room:

    "I worked at a small hotel that businesspeople typically stayed at. There was one man, however, who always requested the same room. We thought it was weird, but he always tipped a couple of bucks and left the room relatively clean, so we let it go. Well, once, when we removed the bed skirt from the room he typically stayed in in order to clean it (something we'd do every six months), we found boxes of sex toys he'd stashed in the room!"


    11. This guest created a minefield of beer cans and broken glass:

    "When I was in high school, I worked as a housekeeper for a small hotel during the summer. One day, I walked into a suite and found over 50 beer cans and bottles all over the place. Beer had been spilled on the floor, and there was broken glass everywhere. It took at least an extra hour to clean, and the guests hadn't even left a tip."


    12. And these young guests left their stashes for housekeeping to find:

    "Whenever we had any kind of youth sports team stay at our hotel, housekeeping would — without fail — find drugs in at least one room. The kids would get suspended or expelled when the cleaning fees were charged to the coaches' school credit card."


    13. This guest left skid marks everywhere:

    "I worked as a housekeeper at a high-end hotel. One particular doctor stayed at our hotel frequently, and when I had to clean his room on a daily basis, there would be towels laid on top of poopy skidmarks on the floor. The sheets would also be stained in the same manner, as if he would wipe with the sheets instead of the toilet paper."


    14. This person left condoms in places you DEFINITELY don't want to find condoms:

    "I worked at a local hotel for a good eight months, primarily in housekeeping. I once went in a room to strip the beds and gather the towels and found used condoms everywhere — literally. There were three in one of the beds, one in the ice bucket, and even one in the ceiling."


    15. And this guest was a shitty tipper in more ways than one:

    "I managed the front office of a full-service hotel. We had one guest who checked in without a reservation, and while she seemed nice at first, she became increasingly erratic. We ended up removing her from the hotel. She was VERY compliant and pleasant during her removal, but when the housekeeping supervisor went to turn the room over, we found a box labeled 'your tip' and a large pile of human feces."


    What are some of the wildest things you've ever seen happen at a hotel?

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