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What Current Food Trends Will We Tooootally Cringe At In A Few Years?

Charcoal ice cream? Pasta-stuffed burgers?? Lay it on us!

It's safe to say that our Instagram feeds have been almost totally taken over by the biggest food trends of 2019.

And while rainbow teas and 10-cheese pizzas may be all the rage right now, we'll undoubtedly look back on this in a few years and wonder what we were thinking.

Maybe you don't totally get why people are flocking to try charcoal ice cream when there's absolutely nothing wrong with classic chocolate or vanilla.

Or perhaps you think there's absolutely no need to add an entire side dish to an already-hearty cheeseburger.

Or maybe nothing sends shivers down your spine like seeing glitter in your latte — even if it's 100% edible.

Tell us which food trends you think we'll regret in a few years, and why. Feel free to upload any photos if you have them! You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video.