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Tell Us About The Most Creative Way You've Ever Cheated On An Exam

Just askin'!

Whether or not they choose to admit it, most people have cheated on a school exam at least once in their lives. Some have gotten away with a slick glance over their shoulders, but others have taken cheating to a whole new level.

Maybe you wrote notes from the biology textbook on your thigh and wore a skirt to school so you could easily sneak peeks without worrying about the teacher finding a paper trail of evidence.

Or perhaps you were terrible at high school math and made your identical twin take ALL of your calculus exams for you — and you totally got away with it.

Or maybe your greatest trick was carving out your eraser and putting answers on small slips of paper inside.

So tell us all about the genius way you or someone you know has cheated on an exam — and if it was a successful attempt. If you have photos, upload them via the Dropbox below. You might be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video.