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    Here's The Meal You'll Be Served On 31 Different Airlines Around The World

    Some airlines have you eating like a king on an economy class budget.

    1. Air France serves passengers mini bottles of chardonnay and cheese to wash down the chicken and rice.

    2. Finnair serves a mushroom-stuffed crêpe, sausage, and Finnish-style rice-filled bread.

    3. And Scandinavian Airlines serves this spread of pesto-covered chicken, potatoes au gratin, and a salad.

    4. Dinner on an American Airlines flight consists of rice, veggies, and a sauce-covered protein, along with a Greek side salad.

    5. Air Canada passengers get served chicken and potatoes, and a brownie for dessert.

    6. And JetBlue serves this colorful kale and quinoa salad.

    7. Vietnam Air serves this beef noodle dish.

    8. British Airways gives you a tray that consists of a rice and broccoli dish, a bean salad, fruit, and nuts.

    9. Delta serves a meal of salmon, salad, shrimp linguine, and a brownie.

    10. Lufthansa serves cheese tortellini with a salad on the side.

    11. Air China serves passengers a rice and beef meal with a grain salad and a slice of cake.

    12. Passengers aboard an Emirates flight lunch on grilled chicken with a side of mashed potatoes and broccoli, pasta, and an apple pie square.

    13. Egyptair serves chicken and rice with a side of vegetables and a small corn and cucumber salad.

    14. Hawaiian Airlines' serves chicken teriyaki with a chickpea salad.

    15. Fly Jamaica Airways serves cod, baked potatoes, salad, and cheesecake.

    16. Passengers on Korean Air flights get served chicken stirfry with fruit and a muffin.

    17. Malaysia Airlines serves prawns with a side of rice and egg, plus some fruit.

    18. For breakfast, Qatar Airways serves bread pudding with custard and berry purée, plus a croissant and yogurt cup.

    19. Singapore Airlines serves up mutton biryani with a side of shrimp salad.

    20. Turkish Airlines serves a next-level grilled cheese sandwich over sautéed greens, plus a slice of almond cake.

    21. Upon request, Virgin Atlantic serves guests a vegan meal of potatoes, falafel, and veggies, along with butter bean stew and apple crisps.

    22. Morning travelers on Cathay Pacific are served an egg, sausage, and potatoes with a side of fruit and yogurt.

    23. Air Tahiti Nui gives guests a plate of rice with chicken covered in a vanilla sauce with a salad on the side.

    24. Thai Airways cooks up a colorful fish curry with a side of rice and greens, plus a shrimp salad.

    25. China Airlines serves chicken over rice with a light pasta salad and a slice of cake.

    26. And even on shorter flights, Bangkok Airways serves sandwiches as a quick snack.

    27. Ana Air passengers get this entire spread, which includes a bite of sushi!

    28. Royal Jordanian Airlines serves tomato sauce–covered chicken and potatoes, two sides of veggies, and a slice of marble cake.

    29. And Philippine Airlines serves a Hungarian beef goulash with a side of coleslaw.

    30. Air Vistara serves a cucumber salad with a curry and rice dish.

    31. Finally, United Airlines serves a chicken and spinach dish with a side of fruit, plus cheesecake for dessert.