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    30 Practical And Pretty Items Anyone With A Messy Bathroom Needed, Like, Yesterday

    If you're low on storage or counter space, these pretty products are saying "no problem."

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A drawer organizer containing five compartments so your bathroom storage can look like less of an overflowing junk drawer and more like a mood board made for Instagram.

    the five compartment drawer organizer containing makeup products

    2. A cutesy cotton swab container in the shape of an adorable lil' lotus. Now your cosmetic essentials can sit organized in a seasonally appropriate accessory instead of a boring ol' box shoved inside your medicine cabinet.

    four pots with lily flowers on top and an opening for cotton swabs

    3. Or! Some sleek, clear apothecary jars so you can inject your countertops with some sophistication without having to entirely redecorate.

    the three clear jars filled with flossers, Q-tips, and cotton balls

    4. A futuristic-looking toothbrush holder and dispenser, aka the bathroom counterspace savior seen on TikTok. Over 4,000 reviewers are going wild over this nifty thing that dispenses toothpaste and tidies up your dental hygiene essentials.

    the white wall mounted toothbrush holder

    5. A basket caddy because a shower helper that looks this sophisticated (hello, frosted style), holds your most-used products, and prevents clutter from your tub and shower edges? The definition of a godsend, if you ask me.

    shower caddy hung in shower with bottles inside

    6. A collection of cotton storage bins to arrange your bath and bed essentials in a neat and distinct way that won't lead to an avalanche of linens toppling over you every time you open the closet. These flip open from the front as well to save you from rummaging to the bottom of the pile, *and* you can label them!

    7. Or! A towel rack if you don't have a linen closet (NYC residents, looking at you) this neat tool takes up minimal space and just requires a blank wall + some serious towel rolling skills.

    reviewer's towel rack holding six grey towels

    8. A convenient over-the-door hair tool holder that offers a hidden organization solution so the next time someone uses the flat iron, they know exactly where it lives. (Because strewn across your bathroom countertop is not it.)

    The holder holding four different-sized hair tools

    9. A cheery double-sided box shelf to keep knickknacks contained atop your toilet lid — and put a smile on your face anytime you need to ~handle your business~.

    10. An over-the-door basket system created with enough space to stash all your beauty products and bath items in. (This is especially great if you have a pedestal sink with zero cabinet space.)

    white over the door organizer with six baskets

    11. A remarkably sturdy Command spray bottle mount that's lauded by reviewers for a) organizing and saving tons of space in messy cabinets and b) holding the weight of your go-to cleaning goods in the form of a museum-worthy display without budging.

    A reviewer's wall with eight spray bottles each mounted on one of these hangers

    12. A farmhouse-inspired set of refillable dispensers to *poof* instantly streamline the look of mismatched shampoo bottles. And they're made from amber plastic — which means even if you find yourself belting out some shower disco hits with a full dance routine, these babies won't shatter if they take a tumble.

    13. A slender storage cabinet that'll fill the void (and be of use) between your sink and toilet, or the toilet and the wall. Think: cleaning supplies, extra TP, and functional yet fashionable decor like diffusers or candles can now brighten up that previous wasted space.

    14. A set of clear stackable drawers to make it easy to search for meds, hair accessories, nail polishes... basically whatever you need to keep close by. Plus they're sleek enough to be out on display and compact to fit inside of cupboards.

    the boxes filled with nail polishes

    15. A faux marble sinktop set so elegant your bathroom might be mistaken for one seen on Pinterest. This has everything you need to keep your toothbrush, hand soap, and lotion at arm's reach — and looking cohesively chic.

    the white and grey faux marble set

    16. A roomy rotating makeup organizer for the beauty expert who could use some help in tidying up their vanity and collection of products. With a quick swivel of this, there will be no need to treasure hunt for the serum that completes your five-step routine.

    17. An over-the-loo storage cabinet that makes *great* use of the dead space behind your throne (just peep this one super tidy reviewer below). And because it fits *so* well, it might just look like it was built specifically for your abode.

    18. A light and chic three-level basket shelf in case you were holding off on replenishing all your beauty products that expired during quarantine. Now you'll have p-lenty of room to restock and store 'em.

    the cream colored basket shelf

    19. A set of two floating shelves to make use of vertical space if you don't have enough cabinets to hold all your toiletries in. TL;DR: You can actually place these in any room that's not really performing in the storage department.

    Brown floating shelves with white plant vases and green towels hanging below

    20. Towel holders shaped like gigantic clothes pegs that are *the* interior design item I didn't realize I needed until now. A great idea for overrun linen closets... and if you'd rather not have a loud cacophonous over-the-door hook set to dry your towels on...

    21. A sneaky storage cabinet cleverly designed to mount onto your door and move in unison with it. One reviewer is calling it "freaking awesome!!!!" purely for its ability to offer ample storage for small spaces — betcha didn't think that area in your bathroom could be utilized, did ya?

    22. A two-tier no-drill shower caddy that simply plugs into the corner and utilizes vertical space to store shower gels and scrubs instead of on barely-there shower edges.

    Reviewer photo of the shelf holding toiletries and a loofah

    23. Or! A pint-sized shower caddy basket if you'd rather not have one hanging overhead. This'll look sleek, compact, and has handy hooks for the items you need to keep dry post-rinse (like exfoliating gloves, loofahs, and razors).

    the chrome caddy

    24. OK, OR! A shower curtain liner complete with pockets for anyone who lives in a household in which everyone insists on keeping *at least* four hair products in their shower at all times. This'll free up clutter from tiny corners of tub space and keep products at arm's reach.

    25. A handmade lipstick organizer for anyone whose collection could match that of a Sephora. This unique solution tackles bathroom vanity clutter and secures tubes of gloss and lipstick with a clever grip system that keeps everything in place — even when tipped upside-down!

    the lip-shaped lipstick holder holding a variety of lipsticks and glosses

    26. A chic marble tray with gold handles that, I can attest, is sturdy, won't slip and slide around your countertops, and makes for the most beautiful way to tidy up your skincare routine must-haves.

    the hexagonal-shaped marble tray

    27. A hexagonal toilet paper holder so fetching it looks like a piece of artwork. Function and fashion, together, so your TP can be up and on display instead of collecting dust on the ground.

    honeycomb-shaped organizer packed with toilet paper

    28. A foldable tiered jewelry stand if your bathroom also plays the role of dressing room. Give your necklaces a neat and tidy home so they don't get tangled up or, worse, misplaced after you take them off post-meal and forget where you've put them because your food coma set in...

    29. A two-tier vanity stand that receives close to a 5-star rating since you can store anything from perfume, candles, serums, or face towels on. (Plus it features a subtle marble pattern that'll ~elevate~ your countertops.)

    the black and subtle white marble designed stand

    30. And a geo-printed laundry hamper featuring a foldable design that makes it great for small spaces and easily transportable from room to room. Now you can chuck a buttload of dirty clothes in there instead of having them laying in the corner of your bathroom floor.

    the cream and blue hamper

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