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    42 Inexpensive Travel Essentials That Won't Break Your Vacation Budget

    Whether you're off to whoosh down some slopes or on your way to chase some winter rays, all the extras shouldn't cost more than $50 👀.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A handy travel wallet complete with a RFID-blocking shield to stash and organize all your many important docs in one safe place. It's also great for having your ID readily available so you're not *that* person in line at security.

    The wallet has a passport pocket, boarding pass compartment, three credit card slots, an ID slot, a slim card pouch, slim pocket, a ticket slot, a cellphone pouch, a coin zippered pocket, key holder, and pen holder.

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this wallet. I needed a new travel wallet, and this holds everything I need all in one place, and it still closes nicely and stays flat! I can fit my boarding pass, passport, ID, credit cards, money, checked baggage tickets, receipts, and more in it, yet it doesn’t bulk up or look like an overstuffed mess. It's just amazing. The description says it only holds US money, but I just used the boarding pass flap to hold all my Japanese Yen, which are larger. I didn’t use the zippered pocket for coins as I much prefer a separate coin purse for that sort of thing. I definitely recommend to anyone who travels a lot!" —Anthony Luu

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99+ (available in 40 colors).

    2. Cable knit tech-friendly mittens you'll *literally* want to have on hand as you wait in icy conditions for the airport shuttle to arrive. AKA texting your group chat that you'll meet them at the gate just got a LOT more comfy and bearable.

    Reviewer showing the cream gloves on their hand
    Another reviewer wearing the grey gloves showing them in use using an iPhone

    Promising review: "These gloves are perfect! They are soft and super warm! I can easily use my cellphone while having these gloves on. Driving is not a problem either. They fit wonderfully! The touchscreen feature is great!" —Carla trahan

    Get them from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in eight colors).

    3. A set of Sea Bands that'll make you laugh in the face of the motion sickness that used to hold you back from living your best vacation life. This nifty accessory targets an acupressure point on your wrist to help reduce nausea caused by, well, practically anything. So you can go from woozy to "watch out adventure, I'm coming for you!"

    A plastic knob sewn into the inside of this knitted elastic wristband exerts pressure and stimulates the P6, aka Neiguan, acupressure point to relieve nausea and vomiting.

    Promising review: "Seabands make boating possible for me. Simple, easy to use, and reliable. I would say these are must for anyone who get motion sickness on sea or land." —Lauren

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $8.59.

    4. Some compression socks to comfortably keep your ankles and legs from ballooning mid-flight. Because let me tell you, having to squish swollen toes back into boots after some time in the air is no easy feet.

    reviewer before and after
    reviewer wearing the socks

    Promising reviews: "With three weeks of international travel coming up, I purchased these to combat swelling in my feet during the flights. I had noticed swelling after three hour domestic flights, so I was worried about what almost 30k miles would do! I wore these on every leg of the trip and never noticed any swelling — even after the 10- to 15-hour flights. They are very comfortable, too!" —J. Beaty

    "Highly recommended. I am currently 8 months pregnant and wear these beauties every single day. I come home from work, take them off, wash them, and hang them to dry for the next day. I never knew how painful the swelling in my legs and feet could be until recently, and these socks were a complete game changer. I stand for over 9 hours a day at work, so I can't begin to explain how badly my legs and feet ached. I have a picture of what my feet looked like with (right) and without using the socks (left). The difference is tremendous!!" —OStocky

    Get them from Amazon for $18 (available in sizes S–XL and in single pairs in 13 colors).

    Check out our full review of these compression socks here.

    5. A 2-in-1 travel pillow that will allow you to comfortably doze off the moment your head hits it. Its unique design features a U-shape that converts into a square in seconds — so before you know it, you'll have slept your way straight to your destination!

    the travel pillows
    close up of the pillow's zip detail and hook

    Promising review: "I travelled extensively with this pillow (four eight-plus-hour flights), and I got more sleep than expected (five to six hours). It works great for bus rides as well. It also helps you nap anywhere when you turn it into a normal pillow. It doesn't smell either." —Pratik

    Get it from Amazon for $18.99+ (available in three colors).

    This is our pick for best cheap travel pillow!

    6. A pair of buttery-soft hybrid leggings plus joggers so glorious, they serve the purpose of two different kinds of pants and barely take up any room. Admirers are noting that these feel like strokeable velvet ideal for chilly flights *and* have a breathable quality for temps best described as "sticky."

    Reviewer in a pair of dark green joggers with an elastic drawstring high waist
    Reviewer in houndstooth pattern joggers dressed up with work clothes

    Promising review: "Last month I bought a pair in olive, just to try them out. Love! Immediately bought two more, the heather charcoal (more love!) and the black with the orange print zipper. I like the black but the fabric is not the same, not that yummy soft buttery feel. But the fit is great like the others and I like the zipper on the pockets. Then I found this dark camo with the zipper, with the same soft fabric. Had to have it. And it’s now my favorite. Bonus: These pants are perfect for traveling, they fold up to half the size of regular pants and never wrinkle. The only problem is you have to stop yourself from buying too many." —nancykou

    Get them from Amazon for $16.99 (available in women's sizes S–3X and dozens of colors).

    7. A compact, reversed umbrella you can toss in your bag and whip out to shield you from an unexpected rainstorm. A bonus? This baby folds from the outside and keeps droplets contained so you'll stay out of the splash zone even when you go to close it.

    Reviewer holding the compact, closed umbrella
    same umbrella partially open showing the reversed design
    same umbrella fully open

    Promising review: "I hardly ever write product reviews. I had heard of reverse closing umbrellas but when I looked at them they were just too large, so I never bought one. Then appeared this travel size reverse closing umbrella. The price was good and the reviews were very good. It arrived and a couple of days later it was pouring sheets of rain in Philadelphia. I had to get to my car — could not wait. Decided to try out my new umbrella. I walked a block to my car. This gave me good cover from the pouring rain and I stayed dry. When I got to the car I closed the umbrella and voila the outside (=inside really) was dry. No wet umbrella next to me in the car. Great. While I have only had it a couple of weeks I am really happy with my purchase. I recommend this product." —Maurits Taytelbaum

    Get it from Amazon for $18.89+ (available in two sizes and 33 colors).

    8. Tower 28's mini SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray which packs a major (and figurative) punch for stressed-out skin with only three ingredients. Think: a gentle hypochlorous acid toner with H2O and sodium chloride that refreshes and rescues irritated skin and prevents flare-ups caused by travel woes.

    A model holding the mini and the full size bottles in one hand.
    a before and after of a person using the spray with less facial redness in the after

    Tower 28 is an Asian woman-owned small clean beauty brand designed for sensitive skin. Their products are nontoxic, nonirritating, vegan, and cruelty-free, so you can rest easy when applying.

    Promising review: "HOLY GRAIL!! I tried this spray for the first time about a year and a half ago. I had moved from a dry climate to a humid climate and my acne was out of control! I tried so many products before SOS. When I tell you my acne cleared up within a week….SHEESH! I haven’t been without this spray since! I keep a mini with me at all times and for travel and recommend to all friends with skin concerns. Don’t walk, RUN to Sephora to get it!" —KuhKristen

    Get it a 1 oz. bottle from Sephora for $12 (available in two sizes).

    9. A nifty travel pouch to secure your most prized possessions and keep them ~abreast~ (sorry, had to). This thing attaches to your bra so your cash, credit cards, and copy of your passport are less vulnerable to pickpockets.

    model wearing the pouch clipped onto the side of her bra
    another view of the pouch clipped onto the front area of the bra

    Promising review: "This was a LIFESAVER while traveling. I kept my cards and cash in it and had no stress about thieves lifting my essentials while traveling heavily pickpocketed cities. I loved it so much, I actually continued to use it when I got home instead of carrying a purse! The top flap did start to unravel after about six months but this was also after six months of everyday use." —Krista Hinz

    Get it from Amazon for $16.95 (available in pink and black).

    10. Or, if you need something more accessible, a belt that looks like a regular ol' accessory to keep your jeans up and has a secret compartment that will fool any purse-snatcher.

    person holding a $100 note in the concealed zipper belt

    Promising review: "I purchased this for a trip to Cuba where I needed to carry all of the money I needed for that week in cash. Although I am not typically worried/normally cautious when traveling, the idea of carrying that much cash on me made me nervous. Traditional money belts/fanny packs just didn't seem like a fit for me. I was worried they would become uncomfortable in the hot sun. This security belt was perfect. It allowed us to carry most of they money for the trip hidden within the belt and carry in my purse on the money I needed for that day. It also worked like a breeze with no issues getting through security. I'm not sure how much I'll use this in the future, but it was perfect for our needs for a trip." —fendi

    Get it from Amazon for $17.99 (available in five sizes and three colors).

    11. OK and one more, an ingenious (and adorable) scrunchie with built-in storage you can use to discreetly stash your cash, extra bobby pins, lip balm...whatever you need to keep handy when you don't want to carry around extra weight.

    Person holding out their wrist with a three stashies on it
    Hustle Sew Shop/Etsy

    Hustle Sew Shop is based in Oregon and hand-makes goods like face masks and scrunchies.

    Promising review: "Love this scrunchie! This is perfect for when I walk my dog; it fits my house key, Chapstick, and treats, and STILL holds my hair up! I will be buying more for friends in the future. Highly recommend." —Sarah Dickinson

    Get it from Hustle Sew Shop on Etsy for $8 (available in 14 fabric colors and three zipper colors). 

    12. A travel-friendly knit dress so tantalizing, it's both thin (aka packable) *and* warm (cold weather, who?) and is best defined as "multitasker." Because *shh* no one has to know that you're planning on wearing it to a bunch of events and holiday gatherings. Some say sweater vests, turtleneck sweaters, and leather jackets do a great job of disguising it as three different 'fits.

    model wearing the gray dress
    another model wearing the black dress

    Promising review: "I’m obsessed — so glad I read the reviews! I grabbed a small/black in this dress after reading that it fits mostly true to size and skims your body and…that’s 100% true. It looks SO good. I tried this without a bra first, and it’s fine, but with a black strapless bra, it’s perfect. I’m so ready to wear this for elegant holiday events!" —Target Customer

    Get it from Target for $28 (available in women's sizes XS–4X and two colors).

    13. A set of packing cubes you'll want to take a top-down shot of because you'll be impressed with how tidy *and* Instaworthy they make your vacation 'fits look. It's just a bonus that over 5,000 people love these for their ability to make packing, unpacking and retrieving belongings, and then repacking a buttload more efficient.

    the beige packing cubes filled and inside a suitcase

    The set includes three different size packing cubes, one bra and underwear bag, one shoe bag, and one bag for your toiletries.

    Promising review: "When I first became aware of packing cubes, I thought they seemed completely unnecessary and a waste of precious suitcase real estate. Then a friend gave me these as a gift to celebrate my impending trip to Iceland. I'm now a devout convert! These little devils saved me so much time and aggravation I still can't believe it. When I got to my hotel room, it took me exactly six minutes to unpack and put stuff away. Getting dressed in the morning was faster because used items were in cubes separate from fresh. Packing to return home was faster because, well, I was already basically packed. I just popped the cubes back in the suitcase and voila." —Robin Osbourne

    Get the six-piece set from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in 14 colors).

    14. An airplane phone mount so you can watch all your saved Netflix shows with comfort and ease mid-flight. And some reviewers are noting how it can be used in regular life, too — no plane ticket required.

    Promising review: "Okay, after a flight last month, I was convinced I needed a phone mount and ran into this. So I bought it. The wild part was that I haven’t been on another flight yet and yet, I use this gadget every single day. So far, I found this to be durable and can contort to your needs. The different combinations of positions literally allows you to mount and position your device to nearly any position you need it to. I use the iPhone 11 as my device. I mount this on my standup desk at work, at my nightstand to watch movies while in bed, on my treadmill so I could watch something while walking, on a nearby counter as a 'tripod' for my phone and of course, as a standalone stand when I’m sitting at a flat table." —Justine E.

    Get it from Amazon for $12.97 (available in three colors). 

    15. A pack of copper peptide–infused eye masks designed in the shape of sun rays to make sure your self care never slips, even mid-flight. These'll leave you and your under-eyes *beaming* — quite literally — once you land, since they boost moisture with vitamins C and E, while caffeine and banana extract will work to de-puff and brighten.

    the founder Deepica and a model wearing the sun ray eye masks
    Live Tinted

    And! They're 100% biodegradable, vegan, and cruelty free!

    Live Tinted is a South Asian woman–owned beauty brand founded by beauty blogger and entrepreneur Deepica Mutyala. Her brand is built around diversity and inclusion with phenomenal multitasking products that address skin concerns like hyperpigmentation. Just peep their top-selling color-correcting Huestick.

    Promising review: "Not gonna lie, I love these more because of the beautiful sun shape! I get excited every time I use it! It soothes the under-eyes and helps a little with dark circle and delivers the hydrating result. I have already bought two sets. Ordering third soon." —Ulta Customer

    Get a pack of five pairs from Ulta or from Live Tinted for $22.

    16. A lightweight puffer that is a lot less bulky than your average winter coat, works for a lot of different climates, plus, is practical enough to be rolled up and packed into your backpack. It also comes in a ton of colors to fit your every mood *and* destination!

    reviewer wearing red jacket
    another reviewer wearing the yellow puffer

    This comes with its own little travel pouch!

    Promising reviews: "I wore this jacket with with a long sleeve shirt and was enough to keep me warm in NYC in a 36F. Very light and easily packed in the sleeve that comes with it. First day in NY rained all day and this jacket kept me dry. Wearing XS and have enough room to put a sweatshirt underneath." —Maria

    "I love this jacket. I'm allergic to down so finding and alternative that I like is always a challenge. It's nice and light enough to wear with a sweater underneath and not feel bulky and uncomfortable out and about. Sometimes the shame of these puffers is that they're very boxy for women, but I was surprised by how well this one fit compared to some of the bigger name brands. Tempted to get another color." —Michelle

    Get it from Amazon for $48.10+ (available in women's sizes XS–6X and in 25 colors).

    17. Kinfield Golden Hour Spray, a plant-based, DEET-free mosquito repellent that's every bit as light and lovely as your warm-weather vacay should feel (with the added bonus of having a delightful citrus and vanilla scent). This effectively wards off those bloodsuckers without the need for harsh and nasty chemicals.

    hand holding the spray

    This is vegan and cruelty-free and comes from a woman-owned small biz!

    And! If you do happen to get nibbled on, you should try their soothing cruelty-free, vegan Anti-Itch Balm.

    Promising review: "I’ve tried so many natural bug sprays that have not worked so my expectations were kind of low. HAPPY to report this bug spray works. Every day I hike in the mosquito-filled woods and this spray kept the bugs away. I’ll definitely purchase again." —Kinfield Customer

    Get it from Kinfield for $22.

    18. And! A bug bite suction tool, because it can't hurt to arm yourself with something to prevent those itchy bumps as well as some after care that drains out the irritant and stops swelling and itching in. its. tracks.

    Promising review: "I am a magnet for bites of all kinds and carry topical and medicines with me at all times, so I figured this would be a good product to see if it really works. It arrived Monday and Tuesday morning I woke up with a bug bite on my arm, so I used this little tool (three times per the instructions) and immediately after use, it stopped itching! And less than 24 hours later the bite gone! There is a very faint red mark from using the thing but a small price to pay IMO. Bottom line: it’s awesome. I’m carrying it with me everywhere!" —Rebecca

    Get it from Amazon for $9.95+ (available in three colors and in multipacks).

    19. A reusable Revlon oil-absorbing roller stick made with volcanic stone to tackle something that I like to call, "T-zone travel shine." No need to pack and waste  $$$ on blotting sheets — with this you can give oily skin a quick roll sans white cast leftover from setting powder and with no extra makeup tools needed.

    Revlon oil-absorbing volcanic face roller
    Reviewer using Revlon oil-absorbing volcanic face roller

    Promising review: "This rolling device is like pure magic. You simply roll it around your oily areas, and BOOM — the oil magically vanishes into the ball never to be seen again! This is an item that #tiktokmademebuyit for sure! I saw a video on TikTok and immediately went on the hunt only to be disappointed that this item was sold out everywhere! I eventually got added to a waiting list here on Amazon, and once they had it in stock again, they charged my card and sent it my way! If you have the chance to purchase this and you have oily skin, get yourself on the waiting list if you need to, and just kick it until it shows up. You will be pleased. Thank me later." —Veronica Cooper

    Get it from Amazon for $14.49+ (available in two colors).

    20. A cushy pair of TikTok-approved slides you'll be patting yourself on the back for tossing in your case. Because not only are they absurdly cute, but their marshmallow-y sole will have your happy feet bouncing from the pool to the beach and back to the Airbnb with zero pinch around your little piggies.

    reviewer wearing the grey slides
    reviewer wearing the pale pink slides

    Promising reviews: "So cute and COMFORTABLE literally feels like walking on clouds! And they’re breathable — no sweaty feet. I also like how at the bottom it’s textured so you can walk outside and it has little slots so they can be airy! Buy them ASAP." —Jordan

    "Thanks TikTok. Super cute, super comfy, super cute on....even got approval of my daughters! Great price." —April

    Get them from Amazon for $24.99+ (available in women's sizes 4–12 and 16 colors).

    21. A set of sightseeing-day-approved hair claw clips for anyone who, as soon as they feel that winter sun, wishes their hair to be up and off their face and neck. This chic design has a bunch of reviewers heart-eyed, and those with thick hair are saying "no problem!" when it comes to its ability to securely keep their tresses in place.

    blue claw clip in reviewer's hair
    colorful hair claw clips in a line

    Promising review: "I will admit I bought these from seeing them on TikTok and I needed new clips for my thick hair. I am not disappointed and beyond glad I got them. The colors are gorgeous and they stay put without hurting my head. I'm very impressed." —Jessica

    And check them out on TikTok here!

    Get a four-pack from Amazon for $8.89+ (available in 14 different color sets).