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When Did A Kids TV Show Do A Really Good Job Of Handling A Serious Subject?

Sometimes they do a better job than ones aimed at grownups!

As anyone who grew up watching cartoons and Disney Channel originals on a Saturday morning will know, kids TV shows are generally chaotic, fun, and laugh-out-loud hilarious.

But they also have the unique opportunity to reach tons of young people and discuss serious subjects in an accessible way – and they sometimes do a really great job of it!

So we want you to tell us about a time a kids TV show actually handled a serious subject really well. Maybe it was in That's So Raven when, after seeing that a magazine has drastically edited a picture of her body to make her look thinner, Raven points out that *all* bodies are beautiful.

Or the "Mother's Day" episode of Rugrats that deals with losing a parent at a young age and how to keep their memory alive.

Maybe it's "The Great MacGrady" – an episode of Arthur that shows the children dealing with the news that their beloved dinner lady has been diagnosed with cancer.

Tell us an example of when a kids TV show did a great job of addressing a serious subject, and you could be featured in future BuzzFeed Community post or video!