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What Current Food Trend Do You Think We'll Look Back On And Cringe Over?

There's an abundance to choose from.

It's safe to say that there's no shortage of food trends people are obsessed with in 2018.


However the thing about trends is, they go out of style at some point. So we want to know which current food trends you think we're going to look back on and say, "What were we THINKING?"


Maybe it's the amount of "unicorn" and "mermaid" food.

Thitareesarmkasat / Getty Images

Or super OTT milkshakes with tons of stuff piled on top.

Or maybe you just don't get why we have to put an egg on everything.

Tell us which food trends you think we'll regret in the dropbox below, and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!