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17 Ways You Probably Didn't Realise You Were Annoying Your Hairdresser

Lying about whether you've box-dyed your hair recently.

1. Giving a vague or contradictory description of what you'd like done.

2. Not knowing how much you actually want to change.

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It's always a good idea to know your "change threshold" – when you say you want something different, do you mean more inches off than usual, or a whole new style?

3. Lying about whether your hair is box-dyed.

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Letting your stylist know this before they start colouring your hair is the best thing to do, so they know how to approach it.

4. Asking for layers in numbers.

5. Not being honest about the level of maintenance you're willing to do for your hair.


If you ask for big voluminous waves, it's important to think about whether you want to style it every day.

6. Expecting your hair to look exactly like a photoshopped picture.

7. Or a wig.

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8. Not showing up, or being late without giving a heads-up.

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9. Moving your head a lot.

10. Moaning while getting your hair washed.

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Yes, it is a nice sensation but... Don't do that.

11. Lifting your head up while getting your hair washed.

12. Pointing out you can get it done somewhere cheaper.

13. Touching and restyling your hair with your hands before it's finished.


14. Not booking an appropriate amount of time for a big change.

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15. Or trying to do something complicated that'll take a lot of time while in a last-minute appointment.

16. Thinking a trim is different and therefore should be cheaper than a regular haircut.


A haircut is a haircut regardless of whether it's an inch being cut off or 12, so don't be surprised if when you get to the till it's not at a discounted rate.

17. And expecting to go from dark hair to blonde overnight.