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    21 Seriously Nifty Products That You Probably Never Even Realised Existed

    You might just wonder how you ever managed without these.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. These socks are specially designed to help you break in your leather boots, making that (sometimes painful!) process so much easier.

    Dr Martens

    Breaking in a new pair of boots can be uncomfortable to say the least, but luckily these socks have extra padding around the areas that tend to suffer from a lot of friction during the breaking-in process. Alongside that, these socks have arch support and a blister protection in their lining!

    Price: £10 – available in sizes S-L

    2. You can slide this magnet to "clean" or "dirty" to let your family/housemates/co-workers know whether it's actually okay to use the cutlery in there!

    Amazon / Via

    Depending on your dishwasher type, you can attach this in one of two ways – there's a non-scratching magnetic back, as well as a double-sided adhesive that comes with it for if your dishwasher is non-magnetic.

    Price: £9.99

    3. This time-saving lotion can be used immediately after you get out of the shower. Apply it to wet skin, dry yourself as normal, and... that's it!


    It absorbs more quickly than regular lotion, sinking into your skin pretty much instantly without any greasiness. Infused with almond and avocado oils, it'll leave your skin feeling (and smelling) great in no time at all.

    Price: £8

    4. This kitchen tool is part spatula and part tongs, helping you to lift, grip, and flip food.

    Amazon / Via

    If you've ever tried to flip over something in your pan only to have the food end up breaking, this lil' guy is just the thing for you. The tongs will grip your egg/fish/bacon/whatever else you fancy so you can flip it over with ease. It also means you can transport your food to your plate without the risk of it slipping off the spatula (we've all been there).

    Price: £4.49

    5. If regular car air fresheners aren't your thing, you can get this essential oil diffuser that clips onto your car's air vents!

    Urban Outfitters

    It turns out your car can actually smell like a spa! This comes with a clip so you can attach it to your vent, as well as three essential oil scent sticks.

    Price: £14

    6. This collapsible laundry basket is perfect for trips to the launderette as well as for your home – it's got a really large capacity so will easily hold all your washing, and can then be folded to fit into narrow spaces when you're done with it.

    Amazon / Via

    Despite being very lightweight, it's got a generous 27 litre capacity and sturdy, soft-grip handles so it'll be able to handle even large loads of washing (and not hurt your hands when you're carrying it). Customers say it's really well made and love how much of a space saver it is.

    Price: £12.50

    7. When you want to read or watch TV on your tablet but don't want to be hunched over and uncomfortable, this beanbag will come in pretty handy.

    Amazon / Via

    Whether you want to make a video call, read from a recipe, or watch some Netflix, this cute little beanbag will provide the perfect place to rest your tablet. It's got an impressive 4.7-star average rating and people who have bought this say it makes using their tablet so much easier. It doesn't hurt that it also comes in 21 different designs!

    Price: £12.99

    8. Put these brush guards on your makeup brushes to help reshape them once they're washed, and to protect the brush heads from being crumpled or damaged in your bag.


    These brush guards may be simple but they're also seriously clever – use these when traveling to keep your brushes in perfect shape, and also to prevent the annoying problem of your brushes' bristles getting caught in the zip of your makeup bag. This pack of 15 includes various sizes so you can protect both larger and smaller brushes.

    Price: £4.99 for 15

    9. This battery tester means you won't have to faff around trying various battery combinations in your device to work out which one has died.

    Amazon / Via

    This works for AA, AAA, C, D, 1.5V, 9V and button cell batteries, and it's super easy to use as the display needle will indicate whether your battery needs replacing or not. This thing won't run out of juice either because it's powered by the battery that you're checking!

    Price: £2.99

    10. This is no regular eye mask, it's a Bluetooth eye mask that lets you listen to your favourite music, audiobooks, and podcasts while you drift off!


    The eye mask is made of a thick, comfy lining that does a great job of blocking out light, while the Bluetooth connectivity means you can listen to music for six hours once it's been fully charged with its accompanying USB cable.

    Price: £29.99

    11. This clever sponge quickly removes the colour from your eyeshadow brush so you can switch between shades without muddying your look.

    Amazon / Via

    This sponge will get the eyeshadow off your brush without any liquid quickly and effectively, making it perfect if you wear makeup a lot and don't always want to mess around with waiting for your washed brushes to dry. You can clean the sponge itself really easily too by just using some gentle shampoo and water before letting it air dry.

    Price: £5.09

    12. The Grip Strip is the smartest thing you never knew you needed. It'll adhere strongly to surfaces and then you can attach whatever you like to it (such as your phone or keys) and they'll stay firmly in place.


    Not to exaggerate, but this Grip Strip is basically magic. There's no magnets or glue involved, and it's non-toxic and hypoallergenic too. Even though it sticks in place really firmly, it's also really easy to peel off and won't leave any stains behind. It's made from a polymer compound with a strong grip so that whatever you put on it will stay in place. When the stickiness starts to wear off just wipe it with a damp towel and it'll be good to go again. If that wasn't enough, it's even water, heat, and sunlight resistant!

    Price: £6.99

    13. This microfibre cloth will remove your makeup with nothing but water and can be reused thousands of times.


    When you're feeling too lazy to bring out the cleanser and cotton pads but don't want more single-use face wipes ending up in landfill, these cleansing cloths are the perfect solution. They can be reused over and over again, all you have to do is put them in the washing machine at 30℃. After you run one of these under water, the microfibres will grip onto your makeup and lift it off. Pretty clever, right?

    Price: £13.50 for two

    14. Clean your coffee flasks and get those stubborn tea marks off the inside of your mugs with this stain remover that requires no scrubbing!

    Amazon / Via

    Is the bottom of your favourite mug or flask looking a little bit gross due to tea and coffee stains? Add a spoonful of this along with some hot water and marvel at how easily those pesky marks are removed.

    Price: £7.40 for two 350g tubs

    15. These fat trappers collect all the fat from whatever you're cooking, helping to keep your grill pan clean and your food evenly browned.

    Amazon / Via

    These soak up excess fat from your burgers, bacon, and sausages, while also reducing the need for washing up by stopping that grease from collecting on your pan. They also help to prevent fat from splashing or dripping onto the heating element and they're biodegradable. Add to that the fact they've got a 4.6-star average rating and you can't go wrong, tbh.

    Price: £8.99 for 10

    16. This low-key magical lotion will release trapped ingrown hairs with far less effort (and pain) than it would take for you to attempt it with tweezers.


    Fishing out an ingrown hair with tweezers can be satisfying but it can also be painful, difficult, and time consuming, especially if you have more than one. This lotion tackles those annoying ingrown hairs in two ways by cleaning out and purifying the pore, before exfoliating the dead skin around it which releases the trapped hair. It's not just good for getting rid of existing ingrowns either, as with regular use it can even help to prevent new ones from forming.

    Price: £12.99

    17. Do you try not to think about the potential germs that are lingering on that bronzer you've had since forever? Same. This antibacterial spray kills 99.9% of bacteria on your makeup within a minute of being applied, and will even inhibit the regrowth of bacteria between uses.


    You can use this on most makeup (except for mascara) including pencils, loose and pressed powders, creams, gels, palettes, and lipstick bullets. Just spray, wait 60 seconds, and then wipe your makeup over with a clean tissue. This is particularly good if you have a seasonal bit of makeup, like a bronzer or blusher that spends months at a time not being used, in order to keep it clean for next time you want to bring it out.

    Price: £11

    18. This brownie pan has removable dividers so every piece can have those lovely crispy edges. It also means you'll get perfectly even slices!

    Amazon / Via

    Pour your brownie batter into the pan as usual with the dividers in, and once they're baked and cooled just lift out the divider to reveal eighteen neatly-sliced brownies. It's also useful for making mini cakes, or as a regular baking pan when you're not using the divider. The pan itself is non-stick and is designed to make sure there's an even distribution of heat throughout.

    Price: £15.99

    19. Spice up your life with these mini hot sauce bottles that you can fill with sriracha and attach to your keyring.

    Urban Outfitters

    Just fill them up with your favourite hot sauce (FYI, that's not included) for next time you're out eating and think your dish could use a lil' kick.

    Price: £8

    20. This travel pillow has a unique scarf design that supports your neck so that you can snooze while sitting upright. It's also a lot less bulkier than regular travel pillows and only weighs half a pound!

    Amazon / Via

    Travel pillows tend to be pretty cumbersome but this one won't take up any of that precious space in your carry-on thanks to its lightweight scarf design. Just wrap it around your neck and it'll give you the support needed to sleep comfortably while preventing your head from bobbing forwards.

    Price: £24.95

    21. If you appreciate that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you'll probably also appreciate these to-go containers that let you transport your cereal or muesli, with a special compartment to keep your milk or yoghurt chilled.

    Amazon / Via

    The top pot that's intended for your cereal or granola screws onto the bottom one for a tight seal, while the lower pot is designed to keep your milk or yoghurt fresh (perfect if you want to prepare it before leaving for work and eat breakfast when you get to the office). You'll get two folding spoons too!

    Price: £11.90 for two