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    If You Looked Up "Useful" In The Dictionary, You'd Probably Find These 19 Products

    I just wish I'd known about these sooner!

    1. This hot water bottle comes with an adorable koala-themed waist cover, making it perfect for days you've got cramps but still need to be up and about at home.

    2. This foldable bamboo lap desk has an adjustable stand for your laptop, so you can comfortably work (or watch Netflix) from the sofa or your bed!

    3. If you love a home workout but hate slipping around on your floor, these yoga socks with anti-skid grips are the perfect solution.

    4. A lot of spring and summer socialising is likely to be outdoors, so it's a great time to invest in this portable charcoal barbecue! It's surprisingly lightweight at 3.3kg, and folds away for easy transportation.

    5. Drift off to your fave podcast or playlist with this eye mask that doubles up as a pair of Bluetooth-enabled headphones. Its control panel is located at the front, making it perfect for side sleepers.

    6. This unique-looking wooden ornament will make for a quirky piece of decor and hold your glasses for you when you're not wearing them.

    7. You can secure this phone and tablet holder to your countertop with ease, so you can follow a recipe or watch TV while you cook!

    8. You can easily apply a thin, even layer of your fave face mask by using one of these silicone brushes. They're flexible, easy to clean, and under £3!

    9. Keep your makeup sponge hygienic and protected in this nifty little carry case. It'll stop the other cosmetics in your bag from dirtying it, and has a ventilated lid which allows the sponge to ~breathe~.

    10. These little 'pot watchers' allow steam to release from your pan – no more annoying, rattling pan lids while your food is simmering!

    11. Whether you're making pancakes or pizza dough, it's well worth investing in this Danish whisk. Dough doesn't accumulate on it the way it tends to with regular ones!

    12. Create some additional space in your cupboards with these organisers. They'll give you shelf space where you didn't have any before!

    13. If you tend to make a mess while doing manicures, you might appreciate this hand rest and nail polish holder. It'll catch any drips that'd otherwise end up on your furnishings.

    14. This genius 'tea tool' strainer will get your teabag from your mug and to the bin with minimal mess!

    15. Make the most of your sink space with this roll-up dish drying rack. It's heat-resistant so doubles up as a trivet for hot pots and pans!

    16. Food prep fans will love these sandwich bag holders. They'll make it far easier to pour your dinners into freezer bags and are great for sauce-based dishes like chili or bolognese!

    17. These hangers will let you store up to six items of clothing using the rail pace of just one hanger.

    18. Keep your foil, clingfilm, and kitchen roll in one place with this convenient wall-mounted holder. It's self-adhesive, so there's no messing around with tools to install it.

    19. This drying rack fits over your radiator so you can dry more clothes while taking up minimal space.