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    41 Undeniable Food Truths That Only Make Sense To British People

    Most things taste better when coated in batter.

    1. It’s normal to get very competitive about making sure you get the last Teaser in a Celebrations tub.

    2. And there will always be loads of Snickers left.

    3. A Greggs pasty will either burn the roof of your mouth or be really cold, and very rarely in between.

    4. There is no greater risk than dunking a biscuit in tea for a fraction longer than you should.

    5. A chip butty is the ultimate form of double carbing.

    6. A Jaffa cake is either a cake or biscuit and you have a strong opinion either way

    7. And you know where you stand on the "jam or clotted cream first" debate when it comes to scones.

    8. A fish finger sandwich is the best straightforward lunch.

    9. There’s no such thing as “too much butter” when it comes to crumpets.

    10. You are never too old for a Colin the Caterpillar cake.

    11. You secretly judge people based on how spicy they have their Nando’s.

    12. And have tried the “ordering water” trick to get yourself an unlimited refill.

    13. You will always be shocked when you see the price of a Freddo increase.

    14. And feel annoyed when you remember that a 99 ice cream isn’t 99p.

    15. It’s okay to not be sure when you will get over the Toblerone change.

    16. The correct response to “fancy a cup of tea?” is rarely “what kind?"

    17. A fry-up is the best hangover cure.

    18. Closely followed by a bacon sandwich.

    19. You often miss Turkey Twizzlers and get annoyed that they were taken away from you.

    20. A fancy box of chocolate biscuits that you would only ever buy at Christmas are a festive staple.

    21. You remember when almost every chocolate Easter egg seemed to come with a mug.

    22. A roast isn't a roast unless there's Yorkshire puddings.

    23. Cold roast potatoes left over on the oven tray are amazing.

    24. You will drink tea out of a Sports Direct mug at some point in your life.

    25. Second to a cup of tea, hot Ribena is the most comforting drink.

    26. Chip shop chips are great with salt and vinegar, but nothing beats them with gravy.

    27. You have a strong preference when it comes to the perfect apple to crumble ratio.

    28. You’re open to eating pretty much anything on toast.

    29. And anything coated in pastry.

    30. The best toasties are cut diagonally and have crunchy edges

    31. There’s no point going to Pizza Express if you don’t get doughballs.

    32. You know there are two types of people in this world: people who bite into a custard cream and people who eat the top first.

    33. Pies that are served in a dish are just glorified casseroles.

    34. Getting an extra wing from the chicken shop is a blessing you truly appreciate.

    35. One of the best things about a Sunday roast is making bubble and squeak or a chicken and stuffing sandwich with the leftovers the next day.

    36. While you can appreciate American pancakes, you’ll always make the thin, pale British variety on Pancake Day.

    37. Gammon served with eggs shouldn’t make sense but it does.

    38. Whenever you’re sick, someone will suggest you drink Lucozade.

    39. If you have a morning flight, an airport Wetherspoons breakfast is the only way to go.

    40. Jelly and ice cream tastes far, far better than it looks.

    41. No matter how hard you try, if you eat a Flake it will somehow make a mess everywhere.